Netizens talk about BLACKPINK’s ‘Shut Down’ dropping to 6th place on Melon

BLACKPINK ‘Shut Down’ drops to 6th place on Melonㄷㄷ

[+54, -36]

1. [+32, -57] It’s #1 on the weekly Spotify chart, so what’s so important about the Melon chart?

2. [+31, -4] Pink Venom is not good either

3. [+17, -8] Stop paying attention to BLACKPINK, just worry about your unnies

4. [+13, -6]

5. [+8, -1] No, they don’t care if they get #1 in Korea or not because it doesn’t affect them, they’re targeting overseas, not Korea

6. [+7, -5] But isn’t BLACKPINK doing the best in the 3rd generation?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think you are a fan of 4th generation idols, are you just trying to bash BLACKPINK while thinking about your failed idols?

7. [+6, -1] Kids mocking BLACKPINK that they will soon perish, your bias group will be ruined

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But I wasn’t done

Bp desperate for western success and still flopping


Rookie bp debuted at number one and two on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. What western success u talking about.. your flop faves could never


Interscope is paying people on twitter and Reddit to fake hype them…


Why would the biggest girl group in the world need a fake hype lmao. Their mv already surpass 100m views

But I wasn’t done

Biggest gg in Asia. No one in the west cares. The proof is in the arena tours and pathetic album sales. So bad the album is under $4. Desperation is strong and embarrassing for BP


Bc they are not the biggest and they arent as popular in the u s as you think. Most of that was humongous label push. Why do you think your fads were cozying up to platform execs. Spotify, youtube execs, labels, corporate entities you name it

But I wasn’t done

Bp ain’t rookies no more stop it, and we are talking about a group in their 6th year struggling to sell 100k and surpass nct in an empty house. Still doing arena tours. Free Spotify. Using every trick they can to get a number one album in a country y’all always claimed they were popular in. Like??? Pathetic really. Bp competition is other kpop groups the nerve to think they could outdo my faves. Bp flops and you need to cope with it.

And you right, my faves would never embarrass me like this.

Last edited 8 months ago by But I wasn’t done

No ones reading that all paragraph. Go argue w yo mama. Nways Bp biggest girl group on the planet – Vogue

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But I wasn’t done

Same way no one buying/streaming Fadpinks album? Disbandment soon


Worry about military enlistment soon instead

But I wasn’t done

And will still out impact begpink while enlisted. How are you not embarrassed???

Not ur typa girl

Then there’s antis who always talk and bark about BP and not even bts mentioned in this article. Stfu and go focus on ur faves instead.


Who tf mentioned bts? Nothing tobdo with them. I’m talking about your mid favs who based their hype on oaying ppl off, dck riding platform execs, mediaplay and stream farms


Their songs ate terrivle but their sugar daddy is head of spotify and is shoving them fown everyone’s throat, the ads, the paying off influences, the bazillion album versions at $4, the gurls and their label begging on all platforms and modes….i havent seen that level of shady tactics and desperation since superM


U stan bts have some shame. Yet to cum, gutter and dynamite existed

But I wasn’t done

Don’t speak on bts when your girls aren’t even seeing 2018 bts. This was an embarrassing comeback in the States made worse by y’all shit talking on bts for two years only to flop this hard. I’d call for disbandment if I was yawl.


Flop🤣🤣 Yg doesn’t need to pay for any promo because onces and Armys doing it for free. Thank u besties. Nways born pink biggest kpop debut of all time and Shut Down the first song by a Korean act to reach #1 on Global Spotify Weekly Chart mwah tq for the stream

But I wasn’t done

Apparently YG doesn’t see it that way. Bp and YG begging Americans on their knees to buy their trash music and concert tickets. The desperation is legendary for a group who thought they were bts competition anywhere, let alone in the west. Media play got y’all gassed up only for y’all to look like beggars for a try hard flop group.

They are not the biggest debut of all time y’all need to stop lying for clout. Thank an empty house for every “record” that group got because we both know why they don’t have the balls to comeback when actual heavy hitters are releasing new music. They ultimately know they’re nobodies in the west.

Last edited 8 months ago by But I wasn’t done
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