Netizens talk about BTS’ 10th anniversary digital single ‘Take Two’

BTS’ 10th anniversary digital single ‘Take Two’

1. The lyrics are so good

2. Thank you BTS, be happy

3. I really love BTS, let’s be happy

4. The song is so good…

5. I really like this song

6. I love the song, the lyrics are so good

7. The song is really good.. BTS is forever

8. BTS ARMY, let’s be happy in the future

9. This song makes me cry

10. The song is so warm

11. The lyrics are crazy.. I love BTS so much

12. I like all BTS songs

13. It’s great to hear all 7 voices ㅠㅠㅠ It’s great to hear the voices of Hobi and Seokjin who are in the army

14. Yoongi’s lyrics really make me cry

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