Netizens talk about BTS Busan concert after seeing Itaewon disaster

Well, but BTS Busan concert did so well when they changed the concert venue

I saw the photo of the entrance to the concert hall pasted in the big room, the road is so narrow

I’m glad the fans actually protested and changed it

1. BTS concert ended well, stop talking about it

2. Why are you guys so sensitive? Isn’t this a post that compliments the fans? OP said that the fans changed it

3. There were more than 100,000 people in Itaewon, didn’t BTS’ concert have more than 100,000 people?

4. Just don’t drag BTS into anything

5. OP only wrote this post because OP thought the fans did so well. Why are you guys angry?

6. Why do you compare BTS concert with Itaewon disaster?

7. Do you want BTS to be hated?

8. I think fans are too sensitive

9. I’m not a fan of BTS, but stop comparing

10. Who wants to hear compliments when compared to disaster?

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Pls don’t bring BTS into smt unrelated. This was a terrible tragedy and focus surrounding it should be towards helping the victims and their loved ones and towards what should be done for the future. Thnx.

yes hi

it’s funny because kmedia were the 1st people mentioning bts about having over 1,000 security while itaewon didn’t

アグネス ⁷

I’m glad that busan was a bit more prepared because of k-army’s hard critics for the event. After k-army pressured the gov, the event changed venue, security and transportation also got more backup, really great that it ended without any crowd issue 😣


this post and the orginal post are incredibly insensitive and tone deaf. this isn’t the time to praise your favs.

peaches ♡

literally, who wants to hear compliments when compared to a disaster. cant really believe op had pure intentions posting this like? ur insane


Stop talking about bts. Bangtan has more than 1000 staff, firefighter, police, paramedic etc. Bts and bighit thought every possible situation. So don’t compare with a tragedy

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