Netizens talk about BTS Jimin’s achievements with his solo debut album

Wow BTS Jimin ranked 2nd on Global Sporty

This time, both overseas and in Korea, his achievements are good

[+389, -28]

1. [+183, -6] The song is so good. For real, it suits Jimin’s voice so well

2. [+161, -3] It’s great that all the songs are on the chart

3. [+131, -2] 23.03.25 10:55 pm, Jimin breaking the record has been uploaded

4. [+128, -2] 2 songs are in the top 10 of the chart and all the songs are on the chart

5. [+122, -2] Jimin is daebak

6. [+37, -0] Korean solo artist ranked 2nd on Global Sporty and 6th on US Sporty

7. [+15, -1] He ranked 9th in first week album sales (Out of these, 1,2,3,6,7 is BTSㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

8. [+12, -0] Top 30 songs on iTunes in the US

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Tank so hard on k charts just like other Btsh!t members

Color color stan

Lol it’s inside melon 100 and the streams on spotify are consistently good meanwhile your favs are rotting in flop ocean while you post shit on pannkpop. maybe if you get off this website and stream some of your favs flop song, they’ll get more clout 😂


are you perhaps stupid


Are we looking at the same k charts?


wtf? his song is on the top 20 😂
meanwhile your faves can’t even enter the top 150 lol

Last edited 2 months ago by lol
Color color stan

His first day sales surpassed blackpig’s lolololol. How embarrassing that one member of bts broke a GROUP record 😂


Bts has always been more popular than blackpink . But making fun of them is rude

Color color stan

Blinks constantly wish taehyung meet his grandmother but im the rude one when i laugh at them? Lol stfu


You say blinks are rude but you hate on other people. Just don’t turn into one of them

Color color stan

Bitch you think i really care about being good 😂


Well no it’s obvious . I’m sorry for misunderstanding you as human


this is why hoes are mad. he basically ended kpop.


Combining 2 different versions of the song to increase the streams not even bts has done that. Bongo and pdawg always desperate to play favorites when it comes to their company baby. Now releasing 5 versions of the song gawd 💀💀 Some members definitely aren’t renewing their contracts and I can’t wait. If this type of favoritism that other debuts didn’t get means others will leave the company then I support everything the company does for him


keep crying 🤗


Damn you’re dumb if you don’t realize the two language versions don’t increase streams, it only splits them. The combined streams is what the main track would have gotten with only 1 version.
Stop crying about Jimin having a better song or being more popular. Favouritism didn’t do that, talent did


jimin 💜💜💜


No wonder the airheads’ fans are going crazy, Jimin surpassed the group and them as soloists. Stay mad blinks!

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