Netizens talk about BTS Jungkook ‘3D’ doing well on Melon

BTS Jungkook ‘3D’ entered the top 10 of Melon TOP 100, 8th place -> 6th place

13th place (released at 1 p.m.)

8th place -> 6th place

1. I really like this song, the more I listen, the better it gets

2. The song is addictive

3. The song is so addictive that I keep listening to it

4. I love this song so much

5. The song is crazy, the chorus is addictive

6. By the way, it’s better than Seven. The more I listen, the better it gets

7. It’s because the song is so good

8. The song is so good and Jungkook’s voice is so good

9. The song is addictive and Jungkook sang it so well

10. I like this song, Chuseok is Jungkook!!!!

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