Netizens talk about BTS performing “Run BTS” at their concert in Busan for the first time

BTS’ “Run BTS” performed at their concert in Busan for the first time

1. Is this their first ‘Run BTS’ stage? I watched their performance and it was great…

2. The choreography is crazy and creepy ㅠㅠㅠ

3. I really liked it, it was amazing, my wish came true, I really want to see this performance in real life

4. Wow, as expected from Kingtan!

5. Wow, they’re crazy, they’re stage masters

6. Jin is really good at singing live

7. Wow, J-Hope’s voice is amazing

8. This performance is the best. BTS is always good on stage

9. Jungkook’s live is a treasure

10. Daebak, I’m never disappointed with BTS’ live performance

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They started mic on and finished the concert mic on. Even though there were difficult and tiring choreographies, they always sang live, communicated with the fans from time to time, their stage experience is really another level. They started with mic drop after that came run bts. When i saw run bts choreo, was shocked the foot thing, hobi’s part 🤯 Busan Concert already entered the bts’ most iconic concerts of all time 💜


In the end where they literally have 5 songs no stop with choreo and running on stage i thought they really could passed out after that 😭😭 they’re so amazing and namjoon really underestimated their energy on stage!!! They’re still give us all after 10years


I don’t still believe that i saw the RUN BTS CHOREO 🤭 AND 50 million army saw from weverse, 100k army saw live


Even with that crashed website they got 50mills, i saw the other illegal links for jt//bc and they manage to get 900k+ views


bts are so good at singing live while also dancing at the same time like they are PERFORMERS ☝🏻

the run choreo is so good tho like they gagged me right there

But I wasn’t done…

Just gotta say…. Taehyung ate that choreo and it belongs to him now.




Wasn’t 100% sure they were going to do this song, but then they came out with a full choreo and everything. Epic performance 👏


Maybe midpink need to go to BTS concert so they can actually see what a powerful & live concert look & sound like

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