Netizens talk about BTS RM’s speech at the appointment ceremony as public relations ambassador of the Ministry of National Defense

BTS RM’s speech at the appointment ceremony as public relations ambassador of the Ministry of National Defense in 2023

“Hello, I am RM of BTS.

Firstly, it is truly an honor to be in the presence of such estimable guests at the Ministry of Defense’s Excavation Team and become the Ambassador of Promotion.

This is the 10 years anniversary of BTS’s debut. In the past 10 years, we have shared a variety of messages through different songs and campaigns. However, we thought at great length on what ways we could return the love given to us by our fans and by the citizens of Korea.

The start of this was the interest in the work that I could do, as someone who loves Korea & Korean culture and is seen as a representative of Korea. As I visited museums & galleries, I raised awareness of Korean artworks & paintings and this was one way I could do this work.

I sincerely believe it is due to the countless people who worked tirelessly in their roles until this land, which was ravaged by such times as the Korean War, could transform so beautifully, that I and BTS could dare stand here in 2023. I feel profound gratitude and respect.

I have very gratefully been appointed as the Ambassador of Promotion by the Ministry of Defense’s Excavation Team, to send out to everyone a message of passing beyond conflicts & disputes towards resolution & healing, and as I believe the duties of the Ambassador of Promotion is in line with that which BTS hopes to be oriented towards as we go forward, in good faith, I came to join in these efforts.

The MOD Excavation Team is as an agency doing the precious and important service of uncovering the remains of the fallen soldiers of The Korean War and returning them to their family’s embrace. The excavation of the fallen soldiers is how we may respect and do what we can to offer our highest courtesy for all those who sacrificed their lives to protect their country, and therefore I am filled with pride and also a heavy responsibility.

The organization’s purpose, that the country will care for until the very end those who sacrifice for our country, resonates with me and, as much as this is an important national endeavor, I will sincerely, with a great sense of duty, put my strength behind raising the awareness of the meaningful efforts of the Excavation Team at home and abroad.

Finally, I am proud that I was able to join in this deeply meaningful work with everyone who participated here today. I’ll work hard to offer what help I can however small to the Excavation Team.

Thank you.” cr @ryuminating

1. Kim Namjoon is so handsome!!!!

2. He’s really smart, and he’s handsome too

3. Seriously, RM should build his own country

4. RM is really cool

5. Please become president someday

6. He’s the same age as me.. But I really respect him..

7. The country I dream of = the country built by Kim Namjoon

8. I really want to live in a country where Namjoon is the president

9. Wow Namjoon, he’s so cool

10. I’m not a fan of BTS, but RM is really cool…

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