Netizens talk about BTS V’s fashion style today

BTS V’s entry pictures today

+) Outfit

1. Even if he covers up his handsomeness… It’s still explosive

2. He’s so cute

3. Are you still dating Jennie? It’s quiet these days

4. He looks like a penguin

5. He wears sunglasses at the airport these days

6. I understand why fans call him teddy bear

7. Why is he dressed so cute today?

8. His outfit is so cute

9. I thought it was J-Hope

10. Why is he still handsome even when he covers everything up?

11. He’s so cute, he’s a teddy bear

12. Our teddy bear is so cute ^^

13. His outfit is so pretty, so cute

14. The style is cool, but he’s so cute

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No matter how covered he goes, there is something about his gait that gives him away, there is no other like him. 

WhatsThe Point

3. Are you still dating Jennie? It’s quiet these days

Stop mentioning her where he’s concerned


They r useless solos of other members who can’t see tae getting praised


Armchairs can’t stop talking about Jennie. She is more relevant then that Bald guy.


the post has nothing to bring a jennifer stan here but here you are,babbling about the details of it but go on ig?the narrative was “jennie can’t have taehyung’s D so i will hate on him”btw lmao

But I wasn’t done..

Jennie’s not relevant anywhere but Asia stop the cap


You’re literally under a taehyung article, you want him to date her so bad 😭 but he doesn’t give a fvck 😕


a whole baby bear


I really don’t wanna see jendog and jendogers in every tae post. I hope they drop tae’s popularity now. After the lazy Jennifer’s videos went viral, they started talking more about this fake relationship kbvgbjkbygi


He looks so fluffy 😩

But I wasn’t done..

A superstar through and through


How dare!!! He is a tiger not a bear


Grow tf up


Eat my ass, dipshit


No one touching that crusty ass tf


I don’t see myself stanning another idol the way I have with Taehyung. He’s my first and last idol


Antis and Jennifer stans really not leaving him alone like fuck off

Dot Com

I need to see the outfit without the coat and hat on cuz I just know he looks gud


looks gud 🤣🤣🤣 looking like a tryhard instead

Dot Com

I just know you saw slutnnie getting called a tryhard and you just couldn’t wait to try it out for yourself. Not an original thought to be seen from blinks

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