Netizens talk about EXO gathering all the members today

Today EXO gathered all the members

1. Kai’s shaved head looks cool and handsome

2. But I’m surprised that Xiumin’s legs are so thin…

3. Wow, we have to wait until 2025 to see all the members together again..

4. I can’t imagine EXO without Kai ㅠㅠㅠ Of course, all the other members are good, but

5. Jongin-ah, take care of your health..

6. Kai’s shaved head still looks cool, I hope he stays healthy

7. No, he’s handsome even when he shaves his hair

8. I can’t help but cry…

9. Xiumin and Suho seem to take good care of themselves

10. Baekhyun, why are you hiding behind him?

11. They are all handsome

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reunited as a full group in 2025???? copycats….. 🙀


Copycats = BTS




They would have loved to have the talent and success that BTS has both as a group and individually. They should have taken advantage of it and forced the one who was left to serve to enlist as well, lest he try to flee the country to try to get out of it. 

Keep pressed

Talk about talent when you have Jimin, Jin and V in that group, be serious 😭


In exodus there are no real rappers nor do they write songs and lip syncing their vocal line is the only singing they know how to do. Be serious you, meanwhile, I’m laughing at their “talents”. 😂


So the last Chinese guy, is it Lay Cukun or Min something leave the group already?

Teenaged puppy

I bet he cried in the car because they forced him to be a man. Loser

uga uga

that’s jin, check your facts right


bbfr last time i remember your fav is the one crying on a live stream when he’s only going in public service where you can still go home every day

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

I think exo is best boy band. Blinks love exo 🥰

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