Netizens talk about Fast & Furious OST ‘Angel Pt. 1’ MV featuring BTS Jimin

Fast & Furious OST MV featuring BTS Jimin – Angel Pt. 1 (Official Video) – NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, Jimin of BTS, JVKE, & Muni Long

1. The song itself is good and Jimin’s voice suits the song really well, but Jimin’s mouth is so cute

2. Jimin’s voice suits pop music, his voice suits female singers too

3. Jimin’s voice is so good

4. I like this song, Jimin’s voice suits pop music

5. Wow I really like this song. I wish Jimin could collaborate more like this. It’s great, right?

6. Everyone’s voices are crazy, Jimin’s voice is really good

7. The song is good, Jimin sings well and the movie is good too

8. The song is so good and Jimin’s voice is good too

9. Jimin’s voice is so good, he can harmonize well with other singers

10. Jimin’s voice is amazing

11. The song is good and the melody is good too

12. Oh, the song is so good. I like Jimin’s voice, it suits him so well

13. It suits him so well. The song is so good

14. The combination of vocals is so good, Jimin’s voice is outstanding and suitable for pop music

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Said it once, and I’ll say it again, I’m actually obsessed with the way Jimin & Muni Long’s voices go together. Especially in that bit towards the end where Jvke joins them as well?? Heavenly 🀌🏻


The song could easily have been sung by Jimin and Muni Long alone, no need for the others. But it is a good song overall.


I completely agree! My favorite part was the scene of them singing together.


The song needs to be longer with only one rapper and two vocalists


Amazing 😍😍😍


He is so nasal. He can’t sing. But its a fart song anyway, so his dumb fans will still stay: “omg oppar sound so goooodddd”


The song is bad, not even mid. That’s why it suits Jimid very well.


You are bad

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