Netizens talk about Haerin being the only one who can’t speak English well in NewJeans

Are all 4 members of NewJeans fluent in English except Haerin..??

1. Does Haerin not speak English? Is it because she’s a Korean cat?

2. I’ve seen all the members can speak English, right?!

3. Haerin is trying to learn Englishㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Haerin is still young and her English pronunciation is good, so I think she will do well if she learns English

5. Hul Hyein attended international school??

6. Minji’s pronunciation is so good

7. Of course, Haerin doesn’t speak English well since she only lives in Korea, but her attitude of trying to imitate and learn when they speak English is commendable

8. I was surprised that Minji is so good at English

9. It’s cute that she’s the only one who can’t speak English ㅠㅠ

10. Haerin will speak English well in the future

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pranpriya m.

Why is this an issue lol. BTS has only one fluent English speaker and they’ve achieved massive success. Blackpink also has one member not fluent in English, and they also became huge. Why is this even a discussion 😭


used to be rm but now jhope, suga & jungkook could speak english now

damn yall live like this

they never said it was an issue…


technically, an “issue” also means a topic for debate or discussion and since the OP posted it in a forum, well, ig that kinda makes it an issue.


actually it’s because haerin give chances for the others to shine.


If the other girls can do it, it’s alright. She doesn’t HAVE to know English


Hyein is not fluent either. Who cares? Three members being fluent is more than enough. But all members seem to at least understand English. When Minji/Dani/Hanni speak English, Hyein and Haerin seem to understand what they’re talking about and sometimes respond in Korean


Haerin is an introvert, and she isn’t forced to speak by the other girls or staff, so it’s not something that would come up anyway.

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