Netizens talk about how HYBE changed GFriend after taking over Source Music

The only group that HYBE participated in the most after acquiring the company




The worldview was redefined after HYBE took over and the songs were all produced by the people who worked on HYBE songs (FRANTS, Pdogg, Bang Si Hyuk, etc.) and the music video was also shot by the director who shot HYBE’s music video

Seems like they’re the only group that completely changed their concept??

1. I really don’t like it because I like their previous concept

2. I remember being surprised when they suddenly disbanded

3. Looks like they became another group, but the songs and concepts seem so much better than before

4. I like Apple and MAGO so I still watch their stages sometimes

5. I often listen to GFriend’s songs, but I’ve never listened to those two songs

6. Why did GFriend disband, HYBE?

7. I like all the concepts, so it’s sad that they disbanded

8. Wow, I always listen to GFriend’s songs, but I hardly listen to those two songs because they’re so different from GFriend’s color

9. The songs are good, but the concept doesn’t suit the members

10. My friend, a fan of GFriend, curses at me whenever I talk about HYBE

11. When I think about GFriend, I can only curse at HYBE

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Theychanged the concept but the songs, stylings all improved so much and the new concept looked good on them. It looked like they spent a lot of money on those comebacks after they joined hybe. BUT they didn’t get any noise whatsoever even before they joined hybe like the hype has gotten much less than before so profit probably in the minus? I pity them but if they bring loss it makes sense to release them. All these fans are mad but yall the ones who don’t support and hype your own favs


To me, as non buddy who followed their discography, it felt like the concept change was to show the grow and maturing of gfriend itself
I was excited when I saw a different concept that still feel like gfriend ㅠㅠ


i feel it’s just bad timing and those were during covid and many groups were struggling, not only Gfriend… Unfortunately, their contracts couldn’t wait any longer as loss kept adding up…


What do you mean they didn’t get any noise whatsoever even before they joined HYBE? “Me Gustas Tu,” “Glass Bead,” and “Navillera,” solidified them. They were the first girl group of the third generation to get a PAK. That’s not “no noise,” considering they came from a smaller company and their contemporaries like Red Velvet and Twice were their main competitors at the time.

Sure, fans are to blame to an extent for not going all out, but they can only do but so much. It’s the company who is to promote them the best way possible. Everything changed when they (the company) changed their (G-Friend’s) sound drastically. “Fingertip” was not well received and isolated their fanbase and what made casual fans attracted to them and want to stan. HYBE may have “polished them off with a budget,” but they disregarded the sound that attracted people to G-Friend and the fans.

I know a lot of HYBE stans here will downvote and reject everything I say, but sometimes, it’s okay to admit HYBE is wrong and they’re not perfect.


You’re so right Nova anon. GFriend already gained the respect in the music industry because of their performance, also had a decent fanbases but Hybe changing their whole concept even if it looked expensive was still weird. They didn’t deserved to disband that abruptly.
All these Hybe stans disgust me.


Exactly. I know they did well in like back then. Then fingertip was not well received as you said and the hype went down starting from that. That was before they were in hybe?? And then they came back to their own signature sound that the fans like and still flopped the comebacks after that. All this still before they joined hybe. Sorry but the song didn’t do well so whats the point of “casual fans” who don’t support or spend money for them? Like there exactly is the loss. “Fans of hybe” you just don’t want to blame yourselves for not supporting the group so you blame the company. It’s time to face yourselves and be honest that yall are at fault. Also, hybe didn’t exactly disband them?? Their contract ended and hybe did not terminate it. They just didn’t offer a new contract. If your favs wanted to stay as gfriend they can just stay as a team even if they have to change their name but they didn’t?? If we’re being honest, hybe is so much better to let them go compared to those other big companies who have their artists tied to them but won’t let them have comeback. This way the girls can actually work. But again, yall just are selfish wanting the girls to continue having comebcks as gfriend but wont support and let them flop and make the company have loss.


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Yeah, those people are mad but they are the ones who didn’t even support GFRIEND when they still existed. It’s like other groups who keeps getting “such a pity they disbanded” words but in reality when they were still active or if they are still active those people who say that aren’t even supporting them


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Personally I love their old concepts and also new concepts. And when Mago was released, I thought that they would hit really big with it but they didn’t and I wonder why because that song was so good. The whole album is fantastic. I think Soumu really pushed them as hard as they can tbh but oh well, they disbanded.


I think the whole nazi thing did not help


GFriend was already changing their sound before that though, and their old sound was getting worse and worse results with each comeback so it only makes sense to try to salvage it, but even that didn’t work and the members wanted to do other things.


I think Mago was a song that was so good it had that I didn‘t expect from Gfriend its so sad that Hybe decided to disband them

Bring back discuss

They didn’t get disbanded, they members didn’t renew their contract


Their confracts were up and they couldnt agree so they left. Why do you ppl always make it like hour favs were victims


Actually, song concept or whatever it’s called, is so strange? I think, if an artist has more diverse music, the better??
But that just me though~

Taste that savage

So hardworking unlike taewh0r3



Taste that savage

Forgot to add d@ddy number 3- Nosekook aka the ugli3st d@ddy of taewh0re

Lazy Banana

LOL you haters are so funny. Like you really thought you did something here? You’re just a troll behind a cheapass computer while Taehyung is relaxing in his million-dollar apartment, unbothered by smelly rats like you hahahaha.


Their songs were boring before Hybe

spicy spice

6. Why did GFriend disband, HYBE?

8. Wow, I always listen to GFriend’s songs, but I hardly listen to those two songs because they’re so different from GFriend’s color

i might sound like a hybe stan (eventho i’m not) but ngl they are an one hit wonder. they’ve been regressed since rough era (navillera received good response but not as big as rough) and went down every comebacks. they did similar genre over and over but never going back to their glory, even concept changes doesn’t help. mago was good thou, even having hybe’s retro touch but still flop. it’s not bc of hybe changed them but they never got a solid fanbase that can support them.

they are hopeless if you look at business side. they didn’t sell well both physical and digital, none of them got their personal branding. their existence explains how talent alone wasn’t enough for surviving in the industry.

and why blaming their company while not all of them wanna be together as a group anymore? even their main vocalist going solo after their disbandment while the other 3 being a trio.


Gfriend were a top girl group with several hits they were from a small company and the sole artists. Why did they blindside the girls instead of doing a proper negotiation esp with the positive history the girls/company had with bighit. It’s a slaps to the face, so you only deserve respect when your doing well? Artist have bad years and y’all will be made if that every happened to bts or anyone else. Respect and loyalty shouldn’t be measures by how well your group is currently doing

spicy spice

so what’s the point? anyway loyalty is a thing that only fans could do. while their fans only bark left and right so far, comparing how poor their fav’s result to other idols without do any useful things to their fav just like streaming nor buy their albums. they are flop bc of their fans.

spicy spice

anyway business is about money, not about friendship, solidarity or whatever is that. everything’s need money, even company spent so much just for promoting on music shows. imagine being the only artist, spent money but not get good amount of money as a feedback.

tbh they can’t survive even if they weren’t disbanded that time. they lack in so many sides. yes, they sing so well, dance so well but that wasn’t enough. none of them are valuable enough to be used by others (by business side) and their company knew it.

artist have bad years. ofcouse. but what if that bad years (it was bad that even their fans can’t save them) continued every years until end of their contract? glad that there’s other company that invested their money to an artist that not doing so good. but they can’t be saved. even some of them choose their career as soloists. they will choose being together as a group and re-debut as a group with same formation if business is about loyalty. but the fact wasn’t like that.


Mago and Apple is a good concept
Plus, it’s not a total change of concept. They did fingertips before


Tbh I thought they will disband much earlier if Hybe did not take over. They got extension of 2 comeback using Hybe’s money
The only bad thing is how SoMu prepares for their disbandment. Yup, SoMu not Hybe


They ruined Girlfriend.. all old songs are chef kiss but the ones released under Hype is very terrible and the wrost. Thats why I don’t like Hype try to rake over SM.. SM has their colours and it will become Girlfriend when they try to interefree in related music activities.

spicy spice

they’ve been ruined even before hybe took over source music. remember fingertip and sunny summer? that’s their worst releases for me, even apple was better. and what a chef kiss? all i can see is just how desperate they are to climb to the top just like how they are on Rough era. they keep releasing songs that similar to Me Gustas Tu and Rough (which is the songs that blew them up), but it failed. even after hybe invested to them, put nice clothes to them, put more budget for their MVs. so why keeping something that useless? business is about money afterall. not about friendship.
they can’t survive even if they still being a group rn bc they can’t “sell” themselves both as group or individual. they keep flopping every comebacks and none of them having the X factor, none of them are eye-catching tbh. it proved with their recent career after disbandment. all of them are nowhere rn.

anyway so tragic how your favorite company being eaten alive like this, isn’t it? that must be hurt so bad. lmao.


Chef kiss means gesture of good or perfect something like that.

For me i prefer songs with solid melody chrous and jouful songs..I only like Ditto from Hype releases and if they take over SM, I really don’t want them to change RV’s concept. I think Hype could not handle equally all of their groups (there is big difference between Enhyphen & txt, NJ & LF).. how can they be sure they will hanlde SM groups with fair treatment?.. even SM could not handle fair enough.. SM has many groups, artists..

spicy spice

anyway it’s hybe, note hype lmao.

that big difference between lesserafim and newjeans thou lol. both lesserafim and newjeans are the current 4th gen’s top gg, antifragile did well eventho wasn’t as high as hype boy nor ditto. even fearless made into melon’s top10. what’s the big difference?

they’ve been release Love Whisper which is has joyful melody as Me Gustas Tu just like you say and release Summer Rain that having the similar classic touch with Rough but they also flop with that song and their company not being ‘touched’ yet by hybe on that time. so what?

i know you are (and also your fellow sm stans) not afraid that hybe will change your fav’s concept, but you are afraid that you guys should swallow your pride. being sm stans was tough these days lmao.

anyway it’s so funny how you explain ‘chef kiss’ lmao. you should sleep by now, kiddo. i know you should go to school by tomorrow.


The only ones who made them disband are their fans, gf couldn’t survive because they didn’t get a lot of demand despite getting a lot of exposure from hybe, don’t deny it, just look at viviz, where are they now?


they cant even sold out fanmeet in indonesia, their largest fanbase (biggest country to stream their song) yet their fans still have no shame barking to others as if their unnies are massive success


The company should have loyalty to their sole artist and money source. Imagine dumping a group bc they aren’t at their peak anymore even US can keep older artist just based on their old hits. Source and bighit had a long standing relationship the least they could’ve done is not snake the girls behind their back


theyre looks like mid 40 w those make up, their plastic face cant save the style at all


Boring songs, ugly girls omji yerin, even mago is average shit, deserved disband. Even fromis more succesfull

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White cat

This the kind of shit talk done by someone who unloved and being hated irl
. Sad to see actually.


why would hybe keep flop group like them. they have no future, their fans are broke and lazy


Well every group flop eventually does that mean you kick them out? No bc at least companies like sm are loyal to their older artists

meow meow

they shouldn’t be tho 😭 those old groups like suju need to disband even sm fans think so


Red Flop disbandment next


Apple and MAGO were literally their best songs and the ones that actually made international kpoppies look their way, lol


What changes? They disposed the group 😂😂


Imagine still having the 청순 concept for the 6th year in a row. They were overdue for a change. Their outfiglts, styling and concept was so tired already. Songs were not doing well and they barely sold any albums.


The car crash of their disbandment aside. The members themselves wanted to move away from their old concept. They can’t do their innocent school girl concepts forever. And it was obvious people were trying to pigeon hole them. They had to do an extreme change to change the gp’s bias. They def started to get more international attention with Mago which made their disbandment that much more unfortunate


it never gets weirder than “fans” demanding women in their mid-20s keep up the schoolgirl act


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White cat

As a gfriend fan. I love the change. Hybe gave more money to source music and they done it themselves. Also the reason why gfriend doesn’t renew with source music obviously because source music suck. If u are a true gfriend fan. U know how bad soumu control the group even before getting in hybe. They done gave better contract to the girl and perhaps is better for them to ditched the company anyway.


lmaooo it’s always “I loved their old music/concept better!!” but no one was tuning in for Sunny Summer, buddies will say anything but admit they had already fallen off pre-Hybe

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