Netizens talk about how HYBE changed GFriend after taking over Source Music

The only group that HYBE participated in the most after acquiring the company




The worldview was redefined after HYBE took over and the songs were all produced by the people who worked on HYBE songs (FRANTS, Pdogg, Bang Si Hyuk, etc.) and the music video was also shot by the director who shot HYBE’s music video

Seems like they’re the only group that completely changed their concept??

1. I really don’t like it because I like their previous concept

2. I remember being surprised when they suddenly disbanded

3. Looks like they became another group, but the songs and concepts seem so much better than before

4. I like Apple and MAGO so I still watch their stages sometimes

5. I often listen to GFriend’s songs, but I’ve never listened to those two songs

6. Why did GFriend disband, HYBE?

7. I like all the concepts, so it’s sad that they disbanded

8. Wow, I always listen to GFriend’s songs, but I hardly listen to those two songs because they’re so different from GFriend’s color

9. The songs are good, but the concept doesn’t suit the members

10. My friend, a fan of GFriend, curses at me whenever I talk about HYBE

11. When I think about GFriend, I can only curse at HYBE

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