Netizens talk about how much they like Big Hit idols

I really like Big Hit idols

The members of BTS and TXT are all charming, crazy, good at singing, good at everything and there’s no one that I don’t like

1. Bang Si Hyuk, where did you find those boys?

2. They are all my taste…

3. Me too… I really listened to a lot of songs and watched performances of these two groups and searched for them

4. I like both groups, but I like them more because they are not only talented but also good people…

5. I love these two groups so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. I like these two groups too…

7. Me too… I’m waiting for Big Hit family photos…

8. Bang Si Hyuk’s eyes are so good

9. Please take pictures of Big Hit’s family, I want to see all 13 of them together ㅠㅠㅠ

10. I like Big Hit idols too… Bang PD, take care of your health

11. Me too… I guess I have the same hobby as Bang Si Hyuk…

12. Me too… I like warm people

13. I love Big Hit idols!

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Remember what Jin had said, guys.
Lee Hyun is an idol too. ✨


Please tell jm to stop Photoshoping himself to look more like a woman. Look how he erased all his muscles to look more feminine 🤨


Girl stfu


I don’t think jimin is that good in editing. He can’t even figure out instagram lol if anything, this was done by others.


I wonder if they ever taught you anything about angle in school? Because I can’t believe you could be that stupid. Anyways. Keep crying bitch. While you’re writing shitty comments here, he’ll be making his debut in March. He will earn tons of records and money. Life really isn’t fair, right 😂 The “feminine boy” you’re criticizing (actually just for the hate comment) is far superior to you. Keep getting jealous


Please tell your mom that she should’ve swallowed you from giving your dad a head instead of giving birth to a loser like you.


Oh dear, you must feel suffocated and choked with that much hatred. Don’t you know androgynous model? Where beauty goes beyond male and female. It fits Jimin perfectly. And no…he is not like you who are a useless hater in real life. He is someone who is so busy with works, you know! He doesn’t have time to edit his pictures.


He does not look androgynous nor like a women. He edits himself look like a woman lol. He’ll never be a women. That dozen 🤢🤢


I surprisingly like TXT. I usually just talk about AOA or DIA but when I watched one of the members tiktok with Chaewon (former izone member) I really enjoyed it, they were so in sync despite the choreo being taught to the male idol for a few minutes. And I watched the Jessi interview after. I also don’t hate BTS, I respect them a lot for the stuff they’ve done for Korea and Asians in general. I don’t really have anything negative to say or point out


Jinhit entertainment


I just like and love bts aka idols who carrying the industry on their backs ✨


Good thing Aloners Association was scrapped, BH would have been 2 for 3.


Proves they know what they are doing in the end, they knew that group was not it.


Running the kpop world with just two groups.


Bang PD instead of choosing only visual idols with zero talent, they chose guys who could sing, rap, dance and write songs, because their budget was tight, that’s why Big hit thrived because BTS is not just a group of pretty faces, there is real talent. 


Same yall like i was curious when txt debuted and i really like them and their music


not only bts and txt, but also lee hyun is an amazing artist and person♥
bighit is really great.

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