Netizens talk about Jennie’s dance at BLACKPINK’s concert in the US yesterday

Jennie at BLACKPINK’s US concert yesterday

1. I went to BLACKPINK’s concert in Seoul, Jennie did so well. Her live, dance and visuals are no joke. There’s a reason why she’s so popular

2. She dances well, she’s really hot

3. I went to BLACKPINK’s concert, and Jennie was crazyㅋㅋ I saw them having fun and enjoying the live performanceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why do people who have never been to BLACKPINK’s concert criticize them?ㅋㅋ

4. I went to their concert, and she performed well and worked hard on stage

5. I guess this is the only part where she danced hard

6. She’s so pretty and talented and I’m really jealous of her ㅠㅠ

7. Seeing this makes me want to go to BLACKPINK’s concert ㅠㅠㅠ

8. How does she get that kind of energy from such a small body?

9. I think she’s good at singing and rapping, but she’s also good at dancing, she’s just a genius

10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an all-round female idol like Jennie

11. Jennie has a good voice, dances well and performs well on stage

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part time idol…


Still outsold those full-time idols. Cryyy


Apparently they dont even have a daesang they almost on their year 7?


Apparently daesan isnt the centre of everything, and who tf cares about awards in sk nways


So which is it? Do yawl care about doing well in your home country or not. Because y’all sure like to drag other groups for flopping in Korea but when it comes to these fads it suddenly doesn’t matter. Transparent


Well they are doing well in their home country?? The fuck are you on? Go take a look in sk chart dumbfuck they are still in those top 10 daily chart, which part of we don’t care about those rigged awards that you don’t understand🤣


Their lastest comeback is flopping and ranking below BTS’ last comeback even tho it’s like a month old. Korean didn’t move with BP’s latest album because it was accepted worldwide that PV was a garbage album that only the mentally challenged like yourself thought was a hit.

Those Korean awards aren’t rigged just because your flops could never get one. There was just always someone better than them… namely BTS. So keep being flip floppy about whether korea matters only based on the clout they give those scammers, dipshit. They always be in BTS’ shadow anyway.


Still don’t know what she called herself doing on stage.



But I wasn’t done…

—of dozens lol


Oh god, the facial expression. She’s overdoing it till it makes her expression looked so….. Weird.

But I wasn’t done…

Scammer idol wbk


YG media play at work again to clear that lazy dozen name. Lazynie couldn’t be assed to perform well onstage and actually learn their basic choreo but will use up all her rich mom’s connections to keep her image clean and still survive in the idol industry.

Just wait for 2 years for YG to come up with another excuse for her lackluster performances and the brainwashed blinks will eat it up again. Even in their previous tour after giving hundreds of lazy performances it’s surprising how her ankle was only broken during group stages but she went all out in EVERY single one of her solo stage lmao 😭 her ankle was also part time broken just like her being a “part time” idol. And her lazy scandal got so popular that YG himself took down the YouTube compilation videos but they couldn’t think up an excuse back then? so had to do something 2 yrs later to save her image. Anyways vmas, hylt era, Jimmy Kimmel performance and now these concerts.. different venues, different performances but dozen hag jennie is keeping her lazy image consistent 👌

Rap M

It’s crazy such a big paragraph cause you hate her 😭😭 at the end everyone is obsessed with her you are such a jobless and a jealous person seek help


Notice how you have nothing to defend her from “valid criticism” because all of this is true 😭😭 her fans fighting for their lives to protect her image but dozen jennie keeps on churning out hundreds of lazy performance one after another like the rent is due.


which part of it is a valid critism dumbfuck, yall keep using that one clips from day one concert over and over


The lies 😭😭 airhead stans deluding themselves again. You guys deserved to get scammed by the biggest dozen of kpop lmao


You know damn well Jennifer has loads of videos of her being a lazy dingbat on stage. Her attitude towards her fans and being an idol is very entitled but looking at her worshippers I see how she got that way.


It was a good read tho


she’s doing the bare minimum and we’re supposed to praise her? lol


Seems blink working hard 😭

Maple Puddin

More lashings!!!

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