Netizens talk about Park Jin Young (JYP) performing at HYBE’s Weverse Con 2024

[Exclusive] Park Jin Young will appear at ‘Weverse Con’ in 2024… The main character of ‘tribute stage’

Park Jin Young (JYP) will perform at HYBE’s Weverse Con 2024

The festival will take place on June 15 and 16, 2024, at Incheon’s Inspire Resort. He will be a part of the “tribute stage,” where he will collaborate with his juniors from HYBE

1. No, it’s Park Jin Young. It’s funny that Bang Si Hyuk suggested that

2. Even though he’s the CEO of another company, he’s also an artist with great ideas and it’s great to see that

3. Park Jin Young has a lot of hit songs so it would be fun to cover it

4. Park Jin Young has a lot of famous songs so it will definitely be fun, he will perform well on stage

5. Hul Park Jin Young???

6. I’m not interested in Park Jin Young at all but it’s fun to watch him perform on stage. He works so hard

7. Doesn’t Park Jin Young deserve a tribute stage? Uhm Jung Hwa’s performance was so good that I’m also looking forward to this

8. There will be a lot of collaborations with Park Jin Young

9. Hul I’m looking forward to the cover stage

10. Weverse Con’s cover stage is really fun.. I’m really looking forward to it

11. Do you think Park Jin Young is someone you can curse at? Park Jin Young is also a singer

12. I know a lot of Park Jin Young’s songs, so I think the cover stage will also be fun

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