Netizens talk about pre-orders for LE SSERAFIM’s first full album surpassing 1.38 million copies

Pre-orders for LE SSERAFIM’s first full album surpass 1.38 million copies

1. LE SSERAFIM is doing well now and I hope they do even better in the future! Unforgiven let’s hit the daebak~

2. Congratulations!!! I’m so excited, I’m looking forward to the stage

3. They are Rosalia in Korea

4. Has their plagiarism controversy been resolved?

5. I’m so jealous of Bang Shi Hyuk… LE SSERAFIM is doing well

6. Aespa also surpasses 1.5 million pre-orders, popular girl groups keep increasing album sales

7. Wow, female idols really sell their albums well

8. Stop copying foreign singers

9. I went to Japan and I heard a lot of LE SSERAFIM songs in Japan.. They are really popular..

10. Shouldn’t there be a factory that produces albums just for HYBE?

11. I’m not a fan, but I want to buy it because I’m curious

12. LE SSERAFIM is amazing!!!!!!

13. It’s good that all the female idols are doing well

14. I’m looking forward to this album

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Fuck you

Knetz are funny af. They really think only rosalia do that genre. The funniest thing is they listen to bigbang song when those song are just copy paste some of black people music lol


Man they really trying to force that scandal when it’s literally just the same genre and that’s all


Knetz are stupid. The way they call international fans iroaches but they are no diff lol. At the end of the day, rosalia did not own the genre and Isabella lovestory aka the true latina is working with both rosalia and lesserafim. Glad many inetz are not stupid as knetz for this supposed plagiarism lol


8. Stop copying foreign singers

Literally every kpop group ever copies foreign singers 🤷

coochie soup

mainly yg groups


10. Shouldn’t there be a factory that produces albums just for HYBE?

I do think hybe should have own factory at this rate. Why make YG getting richer n relying on hybe artists sales?


The different reactions between Fifty and LSRF’s cases though… that’s how we know one group is a threat lol

Last edited 7 months ago by Colin

Nah just check out Pannchoa, it’s worse over there.


I’m talking about Knets. Pannchoa hates everyone


girl who tf cares about rosalia what is this obsession they suddenly have lmao 😭 all of kpop is copying foreign singers in the first place lmao

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