Netizens talk about Seo Soojin preparing to debut as a solo singer this fall

[Exclusive] Seo Soojin, to make her solo debut… Resuming activities after 2 years and 8 months due to ‘suspected school violence’

SPOTV News reported on the 16th that Seo Soojin is preparing to debut as a solo singer this fall

1. Wow, it seems like she’s not embarrassed about her school violence scandal at all

2. Shameless

3. Is she not retired yet?

4. Being an idol is the luckiest job in the world. I’m so jealous

5. I only feel sorry for the victims of school violence

6. Isn’t the victim a celebrity?

7. She would suit the gangster concept so well!!!!

8. Does she have many fans abroad?

9. She didn’t even apologize properly

10. It’s surprising that she has so many fans

11. This is why Hyunjin should have left Stray Kids

12. ? She doesn’t live like a commoner..?

13. She has no conscience

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