Netizens are divided over Seo Soojin opening her own Instagram account

Seo Soojin opens her own Instagram account

1. It’s envious that these kids are living well even now

2. Male idols who are bullies are still promoting but she’s being criticized for opening her Instagram account

3. Isn’t she a commoner now?

4. She’s a commoner, she’ll do something like an influencer

5. Wow, but she looks like the LE SSERAFIM member who left..

6. Stray Kids’s Hyunjin is doing well, so what’s wrong with her?

7. She already has over 400,000 followers

8. Has she run out of money?

9. T.O.P, the drug criminal, will also appear in Squid Game 2

10. I’m curious, how do you find a commoner’s Instagram now…?

11. Will she be an influencer?

12. I don’t want to see news about perpetrators of school violence whether they use Instagram or not

13. No, but I’m more curious how they found her account

14. She looks like Jennie

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Seungri Oppa ❤️

Seungri Oppa ❤️ open for business if she’s need money, he will help as he know she’s innocent in this one sided accusations. Just like how Seungri Oppa ❤️ being accused by dumb people.


This bully got fans? Hyunjin 2.0 🤢

karmic disbandment

if dorito chin can come back and be showered with love, i don’t see why she can’t too. at least she’s actually pretty and talented.


What did jhope do?


He called Jennie a whore


may dorito chin remain in the military forever


she was innocent dough


Hyunjin should’ve gone too

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