Netizens talk about Seventeen Hoshi, DK, and Dino’s dancing skills after watching their ‘Rush Hour’ challenge

Seventeen’s Hoshi, DK, and Dino did Crush’s ‘Rush Hour’ challenge

1. DK has a good body and dances well, I thought he was good at singing, but he’s also good at dancing

2. Hoshi is really good at dancing

3. Dino’s dance line is really neat and precise ㅋㅋ All three are really good

4. After seeing this, I realized why Seventeen is so popular

5. Seriously, all three of them dance really well… I can understand why Hoshi is the choreographer ㅠㅠ

6. Hoshi dances so well

7. Hoshi, can you do all the challenges?

8. Hoshi is the one in the middle right? He dances so well

9. As expected, Seventeen is good at dancing

10. I love this song, so I watched all the challenges, but Hoshi seems to do it the best

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