Netizens talk about Stray Kids Hyunjin x NMIXX Kyujin ‘S-Class’ challenge

Stray Kids Hyunjin x NMIXX Kyujin ‘S-Class’ challenge

1. Our Kyujin is doing so well ㅠㅠ

2. Kyujin is so good

3. Kyujin is really good, she uses her facial expressions so well

4. Kyujin is taller than I thought, so cool

5. Kyujin is really charming. I’m not even a fan of NMIXX, but I like Kyujin’s dance

6. Kyujin dances so well

7. Wow Kyujin is so good

8. I only see Kyujin

9. Wow Kyujin is really good at dancing

10. Kyujin is crazy. Why is she so good?

11. She uses her expressions well and she dances well

12. Kyujin is also a good dancer

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