Netizens talk about the 9 most streamed K-pop artists on Spotify in 2022

9 most streamed K-pop artists on Spotify in 2022




4 Stray Kids

5 Seventeen




9 Jungkook

Artist’s agency)

HYBE 4 – BTS, Seventeen, TXT, Jungkook


JYP 3 – TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY


[+27, -5]

1. Isn’t ENHYPEN’s agency HYBE-CJ?

2. ENHYPEN’s agency is called BeliFrap!!!!!!

3. Jungkook is there as an individual

4. Jungkook has 3 comebacks this year, right?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Among the groups, Jungkook is the only solo artist, he’s so cool

6. Does Spotify have a large market share in Korea? Is Melon higher than YouTube Music?

7. Jungkook is the only solo artistㄷㄷ

8. Isn’t ENHYPEN under HYBE?

9. Stray Kids ♡

10. Is it global? Didn’t the 4th generation idols do better than ITZY??

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4. Jungkook has 3 comebacks this year, right?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

What… 2 are unpromoted osts and 1 unprompted collab… but dreamers wasn’t counted for these stats as it came out after the tracking period.

Teenage puppy

Congratulations to Jungkook but y’all label things unpromoted for things that clearly were. It’s ok to admit promotions were given. Doesn’t take away from the success

Dot com

It’s a kpop thing to claim things are unpromoted.


What promotions were given babe… tell me.

Teenage puppy

Are you serious? SA alone got huge promotional ads of all sorts and play listing. His songs get the most promotions like why are you acting dense. You should be happy he is getting promoted instead of acting like he released some obscure record that was hard to find. Yawl sound like blinks when they claimed Lisa’s album was unpromoted.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

tell me, how do jungkook promote both the ost ?


I love jungkook with all my heart but really?? SA had an extensive promo from hybe, l&r literally was promoted so heavily by charlie man had once in a lifetime opportunity with jk and literally milked the fuck out of it, and dreamers was again a heavily promoted track. Idk why you all need to boost his achievements by adding “unpromoted” to it, he is getting the treatment he deserves and is making record after record its not going to change if you accept his songs were promoted, like he is a member of one of the biggest group so he deserves this promotion. And as someone who has actually seen what unpromoted means I dont ever wish to see my fav go through it like ever, I dont want any bts member to see that pre-2021 phase for their solo songs ever again, they work hard and deserve every ounce of promotion from their company


What so called “promotions” were given… tell me… my guy hasn’t even talked about his songs yet… btw left and right was promoted by Charlie yes but jk hasn’t even talked about that song amd waht promotions did dreamers even get except 1 performance….


again promos are not just restricted to performances, l&r is Charlies song on his album so ofc he will put the most when it will come to promo the amount of promo he did on tiktoc then the radio push, playlisting all that count as promo, dreamer 1 performance was equivalent to 15-20 performance that was the lvl of promotion for dreamers, and lets not get started on stay alive from billboards, naver ads, popups, bh official pages all this count as very solid promo if you compare it to other members solo, ost, collabs.

Teenage puppy

Jk doesn’t have to talk about a song for it to be promoted. And even then, he has talked about it. His members have talked about it.

It’s the company’s job to make sure the song is visible to the public. Dreamers had a hugely publicized performance with billions of viewers. That trumps even BTS promotions. The performance and song was/is in the media nearly daily. There is a mv for it. There was major articles about it. The performance was on YouTubes front page for over a week, the fuck you mean it wasn’t promoted?

Dot Com

You forgot dreamers is FIFA song and they are in charge of promotions, not BH. Being a World Cup song is crazy promotion in itself. It’s played during games and gonna be played for years to come. And Dreamers get hella radio spins. BH Twitter accounts promoted the song like they do the rest.

These people won’t accept proof of promotion because it doesn’t suit the narrative. Jk can do a full on press tour and they’ll still gonna say there was no promo. They’re hopeless.


Judging from what I found from twitter, what fans really want is for BH to do more for Dreamers content. Their twitter account did a few tweets in the beginning to promote the song’s release but after the mv is out, they stopped. No articles about the song’s achievements, no bangtan episode/bomb, no mv shoot sketch, no photo shoot sketch, no interviews, etc. I notice the same thing also happened with Left and Right but strangely enough That That and Rush Hour didn’t suffer the same things.

Also, BH did nothing when Dreamers mv was tagged wrongly on youtube and the streams weren’t counted for billboard. It did well in sales and streams despite the shorter tracking period so an entry in hot 100 was possible but the issue was fixed after the chart was out. All of these only fuel up the fans’ anger and as a person who follow all members’ fanbase, whenever I see complaints, a lot of their points are valid so I normally don’t criticize them first without truly understanding their points.

Jennie is Hooo

BP sithout SEA farms and Jeremy will dissapear 😭😭




Jungkook didn’t even have a proper solo debut yet. And the streams above didn’t include Dreamers so he only has two songs. Btw does anyone else feel annoyed by the ads? They sometimes drown the post so I have to refresh the page.


Knetz Burt will burn if they see some of the Itzy achievements. These just debuted 4th gen ggs are now riding in viral wave. Just wait and see their downfall


If seventeen (pledis) is under hybe then why not enhypen?


maybe because majority of pledis is owned by hybe while majority of belift is owned by cj enm? 🤔

Lazy Banana

Why are ppl downvoting a simple question, ffs


People are sensitive, just like user Shug


Haven’t even posted on this article and I’m still setting up shop in your head. 😂😂 since you’re a fan catch me on the next post and me next time loser

Dot com

It’ll be funny when over the next two years BTS is still the most streamed without comebacks. Heads will explode


They will be… Especially when a solo member debuts because the group streams also increases… they’re currently gaining 20m+daily followed by BP at more or less 13 m+ daily… the gap is massive.

Lazy Banana

They will be, they’re the only group constantly within the 10 Top Artist on Spotify Global.


Damn Sana is seriously so pretty. Idgaf about rankings. My eyes were stuck on this beauty only. Never knew twice has such pretty members in their group. Nayeon Tzuyu Jihyo now Sana. Wow


Where have you been? Twice is full with visual members


Maybe in hell man. Atleast now I can say I have come to heaven after seeing a lovely angel. And all twice members. I am telling you I have seen lots of girl groups around the world. Twice seems to have the most prettiest ones in their lineups. Like is that even possible?

Dot Com

I like the rocker chick and the tomboy one that was sick recently. I think they’re underrated beauties


Yeah I think you are talking about Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung. Man everyone in that group is just so pretty. Like you have to look twice at them. How are they underrated with these prettiest visuals.


Army will be in charge of maintaining the gap while our boys do their military service. 


I see many people shitting on itzy music this year. seems like their fans are loyal lol

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