Netizens talk about the idol fandom they think is the worst of all time

Which idol fandom do you think is the worst of all time?

If you had to choose just one fandom out of all generations, what would it be?

[+45, -31]

1. [+457, -56] It’s like tradition. Since the 1st generation, all the worst things have come from SM idols’ fandoms regardless of male or female

2. [+318, -66] It’s EXO-L

3. [+295, -376] Everyone knows it’s ARMY

4. [+91, -11] HOT’s fandom for the 1st generation, TVXQ’s fandom for the 2nd generation, EXO’s fandom for the 3rd generation, and NCT’s fandom for the 3.5th generation

5. [+47, -34] 1.ONCE (They manipulate public opinion through group chat), 2.ARMY (Ajummas always curses at others)

6. [+45, -2] HOT, TVXQ, EXO, NCT, Aespa, those aren’t singers’ fandoms, they’re just believers

7. [+42, -19] ONCE

8. [+31, -3] Blink

9. [+30, -14] ARMY

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