Netizens talk about the most legendary performance among idols

Which performance is legendary among idols?

BTS 2017 MAMA ‘MIC Drop’?

1. It reminds me of BTS’s IDOL stage at MMA

2. BLACKPINK’s performance at Coachella, especially Rosé

3. BTS ‘IDOL’ at MMA and EXO ‘Love Me Light’ on Show Championㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Isn’t it G-Dragon ‘WHO YOU’ on Inkigayo?

5. I also think of BTS ‘IDOL’ on MMA!

6. IU ‘Through the Night’ at MMA 2017…

7. I went crazy when I watched BTS’s IDOL stage wearing Hanbok at MMA

8. BTS ‘IDOL’ at 2018 MMA

9. BTS ‘IDOL’ at MMA and BLACKPINK’s performance at Coachella

10. Rosé Coachella…?

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