Netizens talk about the scale and venue of BLACKPINK’s world tour

Scale and venue of BLACKPINK’s world tour

US Tour

American airlines Arena
20,000 seats

Toyota center
19,300 seats

State Farm Arena
18,000 seats

Firstontario centre
19,000 seats

Chicago – 2 shows
United center
23,500 seats

Newark (New York) – 2 shows
Prudential Center
16,000 seats

Bank of california Stadium
22,000 seats

[+55, -19]

1. [+45, -24] Why is BLACKPINK on the same level as BTS? They are on different levels

2. [+28, -29] They said they were so proud of their stadium tour, but ㅋㅋ 20,000 seats ㅋㅋㅋ The stadium

3. [+15, -1] Looking at this, it’s great that in the US and Japan there are many stadiums to perform in

4. [+7, -8] BLACKPINK is outdated, 3rd generation is slowly ending, now 4th generation is trending

5. [+7, -2] Look at BTS’s tour

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But I wasn’t done

Karma for the group and the fans for deluding themselves to thinking they’re bts rivals




threatened much lmaooo

But I wasn’t done

There is nothing to be threatened over. Bp are not competition to bts and never will be. We smile.

WhatsThe Point

Only on twitter do people think blackpink is on the same level as BTS lmao. They don’t even have 30k core fans


No but blinks spent months talking down on twices tour size just for bp to do a similar size bp aren’t known for their performances so it makes sense as to why they lowballed theirselves scale wise in order to make sure the make profit honestly any tour in the us is good but this is just karma


not twice tho… they did their world tour with a loud backtrack and pre recorded performances god 🤡


women talking bad about other women is the reason why men treat us like shit like come on

Last edited 8 months ago by jowba
But I wasn’t done

Some women need to be talked bad about. Being a woman don’t save you from deserved lashings, stop it.


hmm.. you sound like you know them personally or they’re criminals or sth. you guys talk about them because they are women and they are successful. comparing 7 men to 4 women is really weird to me. they’re equally talented and equally working hard and they’re equally successful in their own ways. like why would you hate n compare them? what did bp do to you guys to talk shit about them? i genuinely don’t understand.

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