Netizens talk about TWICE’s vocal skills recently

TWICE’s vocal skills recently

I watched the video of their Japanese fan meeting and they were confident in their voices

Tzuyu and Sana have improved a lot
Nayeon’s high notes are amazing

Chaeyoung’s voice is so good

Their vocal skills have improved after the world tour

[+28, -33]

1. [+42, -18] It’s been a few years, but their vocal skills have only improved now, it’s a pity;

2. [+33, -13] They are neither rookies nor trainees. It’s embarrassing when you compliment them that they’ve improved their vocal skills

3. [+15, -10] I guess they didn’t practice singing at all except Nayeon, they’re still tone deaf

4. [+6, -1] Isn’t Nayeon’s vocal skills always good??

5. [+2, -1] If they gain confidence in their voices in their 8th year, why do they need the trainee period? This is ridiculous

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