Netizens talk about TWICE’s vocal skills recently

TWICE’s vocal skills recently

I watched the video of their Japanese fan meeting and they were confident in their voices

Tzuyu and Sana have improved a lot
Nayeon’s high notes are amazing

Chaeyoung’s voice is so good

Their vocal skills have improved after the world tour

[+28, -33]

1. [+42, -18] It’s been a few years, but their vocal skills have only improved now, it’s a pity;

2. [+33, -13] They are neither rookies nor trainees. It’s embarrassing when you compliment them that they’ve improved their vocal skills

3. [+15, -10] I guess they didn’t practice singing at all except Nayeon, they’re still tone deaf

4. [+6, -1] Isn’t Nayeon’s vocal skills always good??

5. [+2, -1] If they gain confidence in their voices in their 8th year, why do they need the trainee period? This is ridiculous

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After debuted for 7 years??? only now


These biches who are writing these comments are the same ones Nayeon talked about. They dont take shower and smell bad. Have no talent at all. Are the worst being on this planet as similar as a pest. Only jobless people will look into these things. Also the fact that this post ain’t even popular or is trending but you are still posting it tells a lot about this site. Twice got millions of people behind them. They can get money just for breathing. They were always good at singing. These knetz will bust a lung to even try to sing like them. They don’t need the validation of these pests who would never ever praise them for anything.


3mix have always been stable and the rest have improved way back after their Japanese debut. These losers are the ones who can’t move past those encore stages that were not even taken seriously by the members.


I don’t understand these comments, would you prefer them not to improve at ALL? I swear pann just finds a reason to hate twice no matter what.


nayeon, jihyo and JEONGYEONG have always been good but the other members lacking overshadowed them to the point they are all labelled bad outside of the times people occasionally remember these three


But twice have always sounded good though lol even American news outlets that went to their tours talked about how well they sounded


*cough lip sync cough


cought in kpop no group sing 100% live vocals. Do you wanna see blackpink lipsyncing? They lipsync too but you bastards only finds a reason to hate twice. accept that mf. F your mom if that satisfies you. rot in hell cough


*cough go and read times article about BP VMA performance cough


how obvious can you make that you’re a blink and twice anti?

pannkpop admin: yes.


Seems like them slave room is working 24/7 against twice. Half of them are blinks and half of them are paid bots. Take a shower atleast once a year. They are doing great. Now you are pathetic

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