Netizens talk about TXT debuting at No.1 on Billboard 200 with ‘The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’

TXT “dreams of being #1 on US ‘Billboard 200’, thanks to the love of MOAs”

TXT debuts at No.1 on Billboard 200 with ‘The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’

‘The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’ debuts on this week’s ‘Billboard 200’ with a total of 161,500 album units in the U.S

1. Congratulations to our TXT!!! I hope they get better in the future

2. I love this album

3. Congratulations

4. Congratulations to TXT! I’m glad they got good results. Let’s get better and better! Because they are the ones who can do well!

5. Congratulations to TXT!!!

6. Well TXT, when did they get bigger like this?

7. Really congrats ㅠㅠ Let’s get better and better in the future!!

8. TXT is doing so well

9. TXT seems to be so popular in the US

10. TXT fighting!

11. TXT is amazing

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They already barking that ‘nobody cares about the US’ as if they haven’t been bragging about getting #1 on bb200 in empty houses with free falling sales for the past year






my kings 😍👏


This is their 1st album released on a Friday, which means it gets a full week tracking (BB200 chart) compared to their previous albums release which were on Mondays (4/7 days).

Despite not getting a full tracking period, their previous releases still charted 🎊 Bcs it’s interesting if you know there are some that never entered the chart (200 positions) when their releases were not on Fridays, contrary to what their fans have been saying about their popularity in the US 🙃

Sophie Kate

If they get the HOT100 I will leave them alone lol. It’ll mean that they will be the only boy group after BTS to actually achieve good results, and have actual listeners outside of the fanbase, unlike SUPERM and NCT 127 and STRAY KIDS who all flopped after fans mass streamed with different accounts, mass bought, mass voted… Also STRAY KIDS never got on the hot100 and only got a #1 on BB200, and they didn’t have any competition at the time, and sold under 100k so it was easy. TXT have SZA and many other acts competing against them AND they sold over 160k in the US. As a critic I have to say I’m impressed. And on top of this, TXT alongside TWICE are the only kpop groups to achieve over 500k sales (pure) after BTS. BTS really paved the way for these groups in the US and now their fans are able to help them succeed overseas. I like this so much. It is also amazing how those two groups are the only groups that thank BTS all the time.


I dont stan but congrats

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