Netizens talk about what BLACKPINK Rosé looks like in real life

Honestly, Rosé is seriously pretty

The BLACKPINK members are all much thinner and prettier than they are in the pictures

I saw Rosé at the concert and thought she was seriously pretty. She’s too skinnyㄷㄷ

[+104, -36]

1. [+31, -2] Freaking pretty;;;;

2. [+23, -0] Seriously crazy, how is she so amazing?

3. [+13, -2] She’s pretty and tall ㅜㅜㅜㅜ I want to see her in real life

4. [+11, -1] I agree

5. [+9, -3] She’s taller than I thought and she’s so skinny

6. [+7, -0] I really like her ㅠㅠ

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But I wasn’t done…

Bag of bones


is horse face jflop

Chinse the prostitue of kpop

But its true she’s ugliest member, her pas photo before surgery was the worst she looked like dumbest whore

why are you talking about lisa here


are you talking about Lalisa, lali salami.


pathetic army as always

Chaeyoung dumbest slut

This fakest bitch looks like airhead skeleton


its jflop wbk

Chaeyoung mom is an IDIOT

Her face is too long just like rugby ball. We all know she’s ugly


jhope face is longer

Chinyoung die on the floor

Such a clout chaser

Whore of kpop 2.0 aka roje

Her surgeon works very hard but her face still looks like a monster. I always dm her privtae instagram dan her dad to tell her that she’s the most ugly bitch in industris


Karma come to you will soon son. Poor for your family

Park roje is the new slut

Just read my name

Stupid park mason is a scammer

If you break her skull you’ll find her shit there coz we all know she’s skeleton without a brain


More like anorexic btch

Twerk twerk

Can someone in LA just shot her empty head?


It would be fun if ISIS kidnap her

Worldwide handsome

Jimin can cut a head from her body and use it as a shield during military


twink jimin can’t even handle military


If there’s a war we should use her head as a missile test


Oh I know her private instagram, somehow I can track her IP 🤣🤣
Be aware ling ling stan if you can’t fuckin shut ur shitty mouth properly on twitter, I can do more than gurumi did before

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