Netizens talk about what NewJeans looks like on W Korea December issue cover

NewJeans on W Korea December issue cover

1. They look so cute

2. Wow Haerin is amazing

3. Wow~ I really like this concept

4. I guess I’m the only one who thinks those photos don’t look good.. Why do pretty girls look like that?

5. Haerin looks like a doll

6. It’s the cover of a fashion magazine, but I don’t know what they want to show, is it clothes or jewelry?

7. I love this concept

8. This concept suits them so well

9. I saw it on KakaoTalk, and Min Heejin planned and filmed it

10. I don’t know the name of the member in the middle, but she’s uniquely pretty and caught my attention

11. I can only see Minji’s facial features

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