Netizens talk about what Yoona looks like after gaining 8kg

Yoona after gaining 8kg

She looks prettier..

There are a lot of people who will lose weight on their face as they get older, so they look older, but Yoona looks younger and she’s still so slim. She’s so pretty

[+628, -67]

1. [+190, -15] She’s still skinny after gaining weight, I wonder how skinny she was before? ㅠㅠ… The older she gets, the more pretty she gets

2. [+153, -8] Even now she’s still so skinny

3. [+150, -472] She looks prettier when she’s skinny

4. [+109, -9] She’s gaining weight for filming. Why are Pann girls trying to bash her?ㅋㅋ

5. [+78, -10] They curse her even when she gets thin, and curse her even when she gains weight

6. [+56, -3] The fact that she gained weight but she’s still so pretty, so even though she is 2nd generation, her fancam has already reached over 1 million viewsㅋㅋ

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