Netizens talk about what Yoona looks like after gaining 8kg

Yoona after gaining 8kg

She looks prettier..

There are a lot of people who will lose weight on their face as they get older, so they look older, but Yoona looks younger and she’s still so slim. She’s so pretty

[+628, -67]

1. [+190, -15] She’s still skinny after gaining weight, I wonder how skinny she was before? ㅠㅠ… The older she gets, the more pretty she gets

2. [+153, -8] Even now she’s still so skinny

3. [+150, -472] She looks prettier when she’s skinny

4. [+109, -9] She’s gaining weight for filming. Why are Pann girls trying to bash her?ㅋㅋ

5. [+78, -10] They curse her even when she gets thin, and curse her even when she gains weight

6. [+56, -3] The fact that she gained weight but she’s still so pretty, so even though she is 2nd generation, her fancam has already reached over 1 million viewsㅋㅋ

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Dot com

Still don’t see the visuals with her


Just by looking at her do you know how much weight she has gained? What an unhealthy obsession they have with the same thing.

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