Netizens talk about whether NewJeans are the one top idols right now

Do you agree that NewJeans are the one top idols right now?

If you agree – vote up
If not – vote down

[+576, -361]

1. [+119, -89] Who else is there other than NewJeans?

2. [+102, -85] They’re not just the one top, they’re the unrivalled one top. Among the current female idol groups, there’s no female idol group that can compare even a little with NewJeans

3. [+97, -125] If they keep going at their current pace for a few more years, looks like they’ll be at the one top of all time, it’s just that the whole world is NewJeans

4. [+95, -64] Whether it’s male or female idols, there isn’t any idol that can beat NewJeans if they release something at the same time as NewJeans

5. [+73, -46] Isn’t it obvious?

6. [+38, -9] Have these people forgotten about BLACKPINK..?

7. [+31, -26] Everyone seems to agree except for some fans of the idol girl groups that were defeated by NewJeans

8. [+31, -53] NewJeans >>>>>>>>>>>>>> wall >>>>>> IVE = Aespa >>>> LE SSERAFIM >>> NMIXX >>>> STAYC

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King Suchalongcorn

Duh, have they forgotten the best idol from Thailand, BNK48.


Twice and BP be like:
👀 Interesting


New Jeans fans sure are wilding. The only thing New Jeans had above other 4th gen groups was spotify listeners, but Fifty-Fifty, a nugu group, already has them cleared. When it comes to album sales Aespa is the #1 top for 4th gen groups, and even then, IVE and LSRF still outsells them. When it comes to digitals IVE have higher ULs and more #1s. When it comes to individual brand power Wonyoung name along is stronger than any individual New Jeans member. This is why New Jeans get called payola jeans.


Not even BTS. So, no other idol can beat them on kcharts rn.

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