Netizens talk about whether NewJeans are the one top idols right now

Do you agree that NewJeans are the one top idols right now?

If you agree – vote up
If not – vote down

[+576, -361]

1. [+119, -89] Who else is there other than NewJeans?

2. [+102, -85] They’re not just the one top, they’re the unrivalled one top. Among the current female idol groups, there’s no female idol group that can compare even a little with NewJeans

3. [+97, -125] If they keep going at their current pace for a few more years, looks like they’ll be at the one top of all time, it’s just that the whole world is NewJeans

4. [+95, -64] Whether it’s male or female idols, there isn’t any idol that can beat NewJeans if they release something at the same time as NewJeans

5. [+73, -46] Isn’t it obvious?

6. [+38, -9] Have these people forgotten about BLACKPINK..?

7. [+31, -26] Everyone seems to agree except for some fans of the idol girl groups that were defeated by NewJeans

8. [+31, -53] NewJeans >>>>>>>>>>>>>> wall >>>>>> IVE = Aespa >>>> LE SSERAFIM >>> NMIXX >>>> STAYC

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