Netizens talk about whether they hate idols who can’t dance or idols who can’t sing

Which of these two do you think you hate more? He/she is an idol but can’t dance vs can’t sing

I think they’re singers, so they should sing well

1. I hate singers who can’t sing

2. I really hate singers who can’t sing, I only listen to songs of singers who sing well

3. If idols can’t dance, I won’t watch their stage. But if singers can’t sing, I won’t watch their stage and won’t listen to their songs

4. I hate the members who can’t dance because they always ruin the other members’ efforts

5. If you can’t dance, you’ll ruin the group’s performance

6. A singer who can’t sing is just a dancer

7. Of course, singers should sing well

8. I hate idols who can’t dance

9. I hate idols who are popular just because they’re pretty and handsome

10. K-Pop fans hate idols who can’t dance, but the public hates idols who can’t sing

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Me comment no9.


Personally idc for both but what annoys me the most is when they look like they don’t want to perform on stage like they make the stage seems very down if that makes sense .

Like okay you’re lipsynching but damn at least show me a good performance so me in the audience or at home watching your video can feel your energy through it that I forgot you lipsync


yup! at least put some effort!


definitely the ones who cant sing


and despite that they are given high notes and you just listen to them screaming


A singer should only be good at sing.
A dancer should only be good at dance.
An idol should be good at both. So the answer is obvious. If you hate an idol for not singing enough for you. You should hate an idol for not dancing enough for you too.
Personally for me, I don’t hate either. If they show that they really wanna be on stage and perform on front of us then why do I hate them for that. But if they are taking us for granted and are giving totally zero efforts on stage performances, well then that’s the real issue. It’s okay for me if idol can’t sing or dance well. But if they lack on this performance thing and looks aloof during that like they really don’t wanna be on stage then it’s a no no for me.


There are idols who are rn in industry who really can’t sing or dance well sometimes lack on both. But are really good performers. And there are idols too who can be good at singing or dancing but doesn’t give any efforts during performances. Use lipsync in concerts give half assed stage performances. And i really do not like those idols. Cause if they can’t do that then why be an idol in first place?


True, and a company’s job is to debut trainees who’ve reached the threshold to do both competently. So, I expect all idols to have the ability to do both to a professional degree at minimum and am baffled by those who decide to slack on that yet still continue in this career. Or rather, I’m perplexed that they still go on new stages or sing new songs when that’s no longer their career focus or interest.


Hate idols who dont put efforts on stage


Like blackpink


At the end of the day, your priority should be to know how to sing. No one is expecting Ailee levels of fortitude, but you should know how to sing if you debut as an idol. Dancing is not always a necessity as an idol.


Dozen jisoo can’t sing or dance lmao. The most untalented idol in existence.

And her member jennie the queen if laziness, being unprofessional, looking bored, sounds like a goat like with 90% lipsyncing. Embarrassing


Bp being the main offenders 😭😭😭😭😭💀


Honestly i don’t like these both. If we talk about idols, they have to singing and dancing at the same time; so if you can’t sing why are you are not just a dancer, and if you can’t dance you can lower the stage cohesion and energy and no one wants that. I still keep on mind no one’s abilities are on top. But some idols try their best and you can’t notice at first they’re not good at singing or dancing, so I appreciate them a lot

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