Netizens talk about whether they hate idols who can’t dance or idols who can’t sing

Which of these two do you think you hate more? He/she is an idol but can’t dance vs can’t sing

I think they’re singers, so they should sing well

1. I hate singers who can’t sing

2. I really hate singers who can’t sing, I only listen to songs of singers who sing well

3. If idols can’t dance, I won’t watch their stage. But if singers can’t sing, I won’t watch their stage and won’t listen to their songs

4. I hate the members who can’t dance because they always ruin the other members’ efforts

5. If you can’t dance, you’ll ruin the group’s performance

6. A singer who can’t sing is just a dancer

7. Of course, singers should sing well

8. I hate idols who can’t dance

9. I hate idols who are popular just because they’re pretty and handsome

10. K-Pop fans hate idols who can’t dance, but the public hates idols who can’t sing

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