Netizens talk about whether TWICE can fill the seats at their stadium concerts

These are the venues where TWICE held their stadium concert

In their first golden age, TWICE was the one top girl group in Korea and swept the Daesangs, in their second golden age, they will hold stadium concerts abroad

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1. [+48, -3] Aren’t those pictures from BTS concerts?

2.[+25, -31] But the question is, can they sell out all the tickets at the right price? Can they sell out or fill more than 90% of seats with the average price of $100 or more? To be honest, fans have to worry too

3. [+25, -2] Awesome

4. [+10, -0] What are you doing with BTS concert pictures?ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+10, -0] SoFi Stadium in LA? It’s where BTS held their concert, right? Congratulations ㅠ

6. [+7, -18] Please sing live

7. [+5, -7] Let’s start with selling tickets first

8. [+1, -1] Why is TWICE so popular in the US?

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Right price i think they can sell well but JYP is using a dynamic pricing but who knows and its not even 85k whole seating capacity they will go for around 50k they can sell it out.


most concerts in these stadiuns are 50-65k depending on stage set up etc…. only if you have a 360 stage like how Ed Sheeran and Adele have had before that you can get the whole capacity. Kpop stages are bigger than most western acts, so i’d say yeah it’d be around 50k for Twice if they go for what they can given stage set up


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they are not interested in anyone

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White cat

Well nobody interested in your pathetic ass. That for sure. That why u act like this online


There were 200 000 people waiting for tickets each time for their last concert… They will sell everything in two minutes.


i just hope i get tickets lol

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Was it in US tho? Why do i feel like you are making up these numbers.


Yes i’m talking about the US here. The competition for buying a ticket was insane lol. I knew they were really popular ofc but i wasn’t excepting that, i thought i had a chance to get a ticket but i was wrong

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people use multiple devices to get tickets tho.


They will sell everything in 2 minutes? shhsgah y’all overestimate those girls so bad

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Tbh I’m not sure… Fans are saying they can sell out because there were 70k people waiting in the queue for their previous concerts but they forget that people use different devices to have more chances to get tickets. So there were probably 30k real people in the queues. Considering that they will open at least 50k seats, it will be hard to sell out.


Achoo go and take a bath. You stink!


What a miserable behavior you have right there. I didn’t sent any hate, just stated my opinion. No need to be rude or aggressive.

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cringe post…


Fake concerns from jealous losers who don’t give a fuck about Twice and just want to see them fail. Very desperate and embarrassing behavior 😕


If they are as popular as BTS in the US then yes they will definitely fill up the stadium. Please don’t get me started with the queue numbers, people use multiple devices to get tickets.


Achoo’s counterpart guest you too take double shower cause you stink even worst!


I think it will be fine. They have 1 stadium concert in both cities. 40K fans going to 1 concert is doable

BTS is a different category because they had 2-4 concerts at one stadium per city


The way I know those negative b@&tards are Korean blinks…i mean they stink as rotten as their international counterparts. Must be super jealous cause twice did it before bp…and their fav girlies are on tour but still didn’t did any stadium tour instead did those stadium tours in sea countries.


And they think if overpriced ticket price is normal price for a ticket then I seriously pity them. Like seriously if you want me to pay $500 for a VIP seat in a concert then give me a date and luxury dinner with members too (that too personally). $100 for a ticket, have they lost their mind! I mean which concert are they attending to see these prices are normal for a ticket at concert.
Any concert ticket price range starts with $40 or $50. Not straight up $100. Foolish Korean twice antis. Don’t even own comman sense.


Oh you are mad cause your faves are cheap and Blinks can afford BORN PINK OVERPICED TICKETS lmfao. Poor Onces can’t afford 1K+ usd tickets, wbk.

“I seriously pity them” okay thanks for the concern, Blinks don’t need them. We did afford the overpriced tickets for Born Pink.🤑💵

It's whatever

look, if BP could hold a proper concert then none would complain, but those girlies barely move, lip sing most of the time and cant even remember choreography.
Paying a huge amount of money to see them crack and stiff is such a rip-off


The only ones who are complaining are those antis who never attended their concert.😭 Me and other people who went did enjoy their concert. I would love to spend another hundreds of bucks for them if they have an encore in our area.


Just say Onces are poor and that Twice girls are very cheap. Their concerts will definitely tank if they have the same ticket pricing with Blackpink. Too bad, Blinks can afford 500-1,000 usd Born Pink’s ticket 🫢


JYP must have overestimated Twice, they will end up like the tour they had in Mexico, from 40K down to 10K capacity they didn’t even filled it up, they ended up with 8k concert goers lmao


I hope one day these unwashed ass knetz or kblinks stop doubting twice


We will see


blinks seething 💀💀


Blinks in your mind.🥰


Nobody cares about blonks

It's whatever

I think if as they say the capacity is of 50K and they put a reasonable price, I don’t see why they wouldn’t sell out. Numbers show they’re popular enough (?


Going to fucking New York again. UGH. Just come to DC.


you can take the bus! 🙂 it’s actually nj this time


I’m just a casual listener but I will go to their concert if the ticket price is cheap lol.

seungri is free

Blackpink with overpriced tickets and lazy performances more better and succesfull then that 9 overated boring hags 🙂


bp concerts were half empty.


They prob can for one night. If they can do 3-4 nights in a large arena that equates to a stadium


They did have 2 concert and 2 encores at la so i wouldn’t worry about twice

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