Netizens talk about why IU’s music is always so successful

Why do you think IU’s music is so successful?

I’m writing this post out of curiosity because her song is a hit every time!

1. Because it’s IU

2. Because it’s IU.. But seriously, she’s IU so this is all I can say

3. Her songs are easy to listen to

4. I’ve thought about this many times but the only reason is ‘because it’s IU’

5. There are many good songs, singers with good voices, good quality but IU’s music is so unique and the only reason is ‘because it’s IU’

6. You can trust and listen!! Because it’s IU

7. Because her songs are always good

8. She always releases good music and has built trust over the past 10 years

9. I’m addicted to IU’s voice

10. We can trust and listen to IU’s music

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