Netizens think NMIXX’s skills are the best in the 4th generation after watching ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ Stage Practice

NMIXX “Young, Dumb, Stupid” Stage Practice

1. I think these people have the best skills among the 4th generation female idols.. but they also have pretty faces

2. Crazy, Lily’s voice is a treasure

3. I want to go to their concert, they always give me goosebumps

4. Wow, I got goosebumps, their live singing skills are amazing

5. Lily’s voice is crazy… I can’t take my eyes off Jiwoo

6. I think NMIXX’s skills are the best in the 4th generation.

7. Everyone is good, but Lily and Jiwoo are the best

8. I love talented idols. NMIXX is the best

9. Sullyoon’s voice is so good

10. Jiwoo is a treasure

11. It’s really hard to find a group like this when performing live, they do everything well

12. Lily is really amazing every time I see her

13. Live????!!!! Daebak

14. Wow they are good at everything

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