Netizens think Rosé will do well even if she pursues her studies

I think Rosé will do well even if she pursues her studies

[+25, -18]

1. [+17, -8] Rosé’s older sister is also a lawyer so her genes can’t be ignored

2. [+15, -5] What does the content in the picture have to do with her studies?????

3. [+13, -4] That director is Rosé, right? She’s meticulous, she drew everything herself

5. [+13, -5] That employee posted a post praising her

6. [+13, -11] She said that she studied well

7. [+0, -0] Usually, kids who don’t study have become celebrities, but Rosé is different

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But its doesnt change the fact that most of bp members actually dont finish high school. Its not new for YG artists. Alot of their idols dont finish high school. YHS himself dont have any degree. So, the company not really into education.


Stiff jin graduate with film studies but still have zero talent in acting and singing

yall need to stfu

“stiff” jin has more talent in his pinky than any of your girls could ever ask for, keep it cute lil rat


Jin more educated, celebrated and talented than crackśe the high school drop out that sucks Jeremy oppa for deals


ffs… not that international Rosè fan that keeps posting translated articles on Pann again… even the Koreans are getting annoyed like who tf cares about her “studies”. Girl has nothing in her head half the time.


off self


For the ppl wondering, yes this is not a post by a “knetz” that’s why the topic is so weird. It’s an international fan posing as a Korean writing a translated post 😂😂 Because no one would talk about her if they didn’t pretend to be a knets, so lame haha


high school dropouts


Still richer than you loser

YG Pharmacy

With our YG education route, she can become whatever she want like becoming a pharmacist or business conglomerate. A good example is Seungri.

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