Netizens think that BTS has changed the minds of foreigners about Korea

BTS is amazing no matter where in the world

If you watch the travel videos of YouTubers, no matter where you go in the world, if you come from Korea, people will ask you about BTS

[+512, -20]

1. [+214, -5] This is true.. I was overseas as soon as BTS entered the US and started gaining popularity (18-20 years old), but it’s true that Korea’s status has increased thanks to BTS. Previously, 95% of foreigners would ask “Are you Chinese?” Even in 2015, when I lived abroad for a while, I felt like China >>> Japan >>>>>>> Korea. Honestly, it’s true that they changed their mind about Korea thanks to BTS

2. [+205, -2] BTS wasn’t there, but they gathered like this to see BTS’ commercials..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+178, -4] I think there are a lot of people who know Korea through BTS

4. [+76, -0] I admit it, BTS has done a lot for Korea during the past 9 years

5. [+50, -0] When it comes to Korea, many foreigners mention BTS first

6. [+49, -0] It’s weird that BTS gets the most hate in Korea

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comment no.6 slayed


The caption in comment 2 is 💀💀💀, that’s just the regular weekend crowd at London’s Picadilly circus not people gathering to look at an advertisement board that changes every few seconds.

I’m Asian myself but _aaperpspective_ seems like a pro-Asian American IG that posts misleading feel good content for their own agenda. They can post photos from BTS concerts instead, Londoners are not so free to gather to stare at a commercial.

Last edited 3 months ago by Joey
Grace Walker

There is a video on YT, that crowd was there for BTS, commercial.


Why are you lying???

That caption in comment 2 really happened in May 31, 2019, at The Piccadilly Circus.

BTS fans gathered here to watch BTS x Hyundai add.

But some people like you intentionally spread lies around Internet just because of their hate boner.

You know what?

I hope you will get back all negativity and hatred you spread around.

I hope you won’t die without experiencing it in your own life.


dont be dumb 🤣

Maya Amina

I was there, it was I think Friday day before the concert we all gathered there from 6 or 8 I can’t remember 😂😂😂 all for a 30 sec ad


I was literally there. It was during the weekend of BTS’ Wembley Stadium concerts. There was also a BTS pop-up store around the street. Hyundai tweeted there would be a surprise in Piccadilly Circus and we all went up to see what it was about.


dear the last time it happened was during the Beatles mania. you can check it on yt video and hear them shouting bts name. it was even on us news

Last edited 3 months ago by ghjs

Piccadilly Circus isn’t that busy all the time 😭😭

I’ve been there before and usually it’s busy but never that crowded. Also there’s videos of that particular day. It was mostly ARMYs.


6. [+49, -0] It’s weird that BTS gets the most hate in Korea



No they dont change anything xD they are popular AS AN ARTIST, and thats it.

Maya Amina

Comment no6 likw fr

They get the worst media play and always downplay their achievements like FOR WHAT?????


comment n 9.”It’s weird that BTS gets the most hate in Korea”

bts are known as a pain in the ass for conservatives in korea thats why


Korea don’t deserve BTS. Even though BTS receives so much hate from their fellow Koreans,they still promotes it. BTS deserves respect and love. You don’t know how lucky you are as Koreans. How I wish,BTS are Filipinos.


bro my goodness that would be the worst. i heard filipino celebrities turn into corrupt or idiotic politicians plus the country voted for a SEA version of hitler’s son. the boys’ lives there would be hell and them becoming the people they are now wouldn’t have been possible if they weren’t south korean.


Korea really don’t deserve BTS and it’s sad that they’re treated the worst by their own ppl


4. [+76, -0] I admit it, BTS has done a lot for Korea during the past 9 years

6. [+49, -0] It’s weird that BTS gets the most hate in Korea

How ironic right? People call them “BIGGEST GROUP IN THE PLANET” and in Korea “emm.. and BTS”

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