Netizens think that Giselle really doesn’t suit Aespa’s shalala princess concept

Giselle really doesn’t suit those shalala princess concepts

She’s the only one who looks out of place

[+116, -189]

1. [+163, -17] Because she’s a hot girl

2. [+138, -3] However, compared to other members, Giselle’s outfit doesn’t seem to be in the glamorous princess style from the beginning

3. [+125, -6] But Giselle got much prettier. Now she looks pretty even without bangs. But personally, I think Giselle looks the prettiest with bangs

4. [+97, -11] Karina and Winter look like dolls. The two of them have small faces and their facial features are clear so they are f*cking pretty. They look even more like dolls because of the styling

5. [+93, -8] She’s gorgeous though

6. [+55, -0] She should have put her bangs down for this concept

7. [+48, -4] She must have worked hard to maintain her figure during her hiatus, she got prettier

8. [+42, -19] She’s pretty… That’s my personal opinion, but Giselle is like Krystal, they have a cold beauty

9. [+37, -4] Giselle is so pretty

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