Netizens think that Giselle really doesn’t suit Aespa’s shalala princess concept

Giselle really doesn’t suit those shalala princess concepts

She’s the only one who looks out of place

[+116, -189]

1. [+163, -17] Because she’s a hot girl

2. [+138, -3] However, compared to other members, Giselle’s outfit doesn’t seem to be in the glamorous princess style from the beginning

3. [+125, -6] But Giselle got much prettier. Now she looks pretty even without bangs. But personally, I think Giselle looks the prettiest with bangs

4. [+97, -11] Karina and Winter look like dolls. The two of them have small faces and their facial features are clear so they are f*cking pretty. They look even more like dolls because of the styling

5. [+93, -8] She’s gorgeous though

6. [+55, -0] She should have put her bangs down for this concept

7. [+48, -4] She must have worked hard to maintain her figure during her hiatus, she got prettier

8. [+42, -19] She’s pretty… That’s my personal opinion, but Giselle is like Krystal, they have a cold beauty

9. [+37, -4] Giselle is so pretty

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I personally don’t like bright concepts on aespa (life’s to short, this candy pocket stuff). it just feels uncreative and uncanny generic kpop stuff.

They all look really good when they attend brand events wearing all black, especially Giselle


I feel like 80/90% of the time , their stylist doesn’t really do Giselle justice cause she is pretty but either the stylist have some beef with her or they just suck 😭

Karina unnie please step on me

Giselle is better in other styling because of her unique and innovative fashion choice. She has a distinct style that is both eye-catching and unique, which sets her apart from other K-pop artists. Her fashion sense includes pieces from a variety of designers from all over the world, allowing her to create looks unlike any other K-pop artist. Additionally, Giselle is always trying to push boundaries when it comes to fashion and often experiments with different hair styles, makeup, and accessories. This allows her to stand out and make a statement on stage and through her music.


this legit sounds AI generated lol.


That’s because her outfit doesn’t fit the concept. Why everyone gets flowy, pastel coloured and floral dresses while she gets b/w tight fitted one?

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