Netizens think that Jennie just revealed her dating confirmation with V in Paris

Jennie just released her Paris date confirmation, is she enjoying this?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

So why do people say they broke up?

She’s giving us facts

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1. [+187, -33] She’s just releasing pictures of herself, what kind of confirmation is it?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The b*tches who took those videos really can’t think of anything else but this?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+171, -26] Ajumma… Close your community sometime…

3. [+165, -23] Stop stalking female idols who are living totally different lives from you, and go find a date ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Ah true, you can’t…

4. [+160, -22] That’s why Jennie isn’t a low standard ajumma like you who spend their time on communities and she doesn’t even care about you while living her life…?

5. [+57, -21] Even the scarf and sneakers, it was true that she went to Paris to go on a date with V that day

6. [+56, -122] She can’t live without a man

7. [+46, -6]

8. [+37, -4] Be happy, please get married before he enlists

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6. [+56, -122] She can’t live without a man

there are a lot of people like this, they cannot be without a partner, it’s concerning 🙃


Just like how stupid fangirls cannot live without having delusion that they have chsnce with their oppars so hating on every girl that actually caught their oppars’ attention lmfao


She is such attention seeker. I think its gonna get worst once bp in hiatus. She seem love attention. Always does this during bts cb, etc. I know alot of army annoyed with her.


Congrats to the happy couple 👏


Are you sure he’s happy??
Can’t you see when he’s at paris with her, he walked with his head down all the time?? And after that he’s being gloomy in every celine pics?? He loves privacy but that attention seeker always wants to showoff her relationship with him by wearing the same clothes and accessories from the scandal pictures, shameless cheap attention seeker. She doesn’t respect him as her (claimed) boyfriend. Shitty behaviors.


her posting this was out of nowhere. i wonder if the rumor about break up is true.


why would they break up lmao


breaking up is normal and even unpredictable. you must be a shipper.


Because she’s a manipulative attention whore


taennie shippers are downvoting the comments 🎻 go back to pannchoa


It’s infested over there. All blinks and gg stans being deluded y/ns


She thrive off the attention his brand gives her. The biggest attention whore in kpop


She really love attention and clout huh, no real couple doing this corny thing hint thro leak and outfit etc, if they really dating then what she is doing is just egoistic and narcistic, why she decided to post this after the rumors went down and she choose to blow this rumors again even near her bf solo debut, she really want to ruin him knowing well female fans are more protective towards male idol they stan and this will turn they off even more, she loves that clout so much instead think how this will affect him esp ner his debut, i feel bad about him


She always like this she only think of herself lmoa, she is the most selfish out of blackpink member. All she want is how to get attention thats why she keep doing controversy just to ride that clout, bad clout is still clout after all


Idk but to ppl who really think they are dating & suited each other are weird😬, from the way they behave she clearly want to make this public while V clearly dont want to & want to keep it private, she want to flaunting her relationship out to world & and want their privale life to be talk of the town, while he dont want his dating life/private life to be out in public, idk if they are really dating but this is not healthy relationship because both of them choose way differently, in result both fans will also have different opinion & attacking each other, idk but they are not compatible and they choose to do the opposite their partner wants, clearly this not how real couple behave towards their partner, how come one side want to make it public when the other not? This relationship aint it & just weird imo🤷‍♀️


they say that taehyung is a red flag for saying instagram was scary while she was with gdragon but this move from her is the actual red flag. it makes me wonder either if they are over or not. because this is juvenile behavior from her. him wearing clothes from gurumi leaks with no agenda is not the same as her posting pictures from that day in a calculated way. weird


Yeah couldn’t agree more, this is very weird and if they are really dating then its not healthy relationship, just like OP said one side want to keep it private while the other one want to make it public, they are only giving each other pressure, esp the one who dont want it out in public def will be stressed about it, i dont know why jennie want to keep flaunting her dating life for fans and ppl to see but she clearly didnt care enough for her bf who is famous for keeping his private life closed in all his career, i hope they broke up fr and they find their own partner who are suitable with their own traits/personality


Jennie is an American-boo and wants to live her life the way American celebrities do but the dingbat forgets she’s Korean and the same rules don’t apply

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Can’t agree more. Yes, taehyung is well known as a privacy lover, he likes his private life always being private. Her behaviours just showing that she doesn’t respect taehyung. Bad woman, total attention seeker.


There is a rumour that she actually did cheat on GD with V. The question that V knew about them still being together then is unconfirmed. More or less it’s just a rumour. But seeing how gd started deleting many pics dedicated to her and his sister instantly unfollowing Jennie once the Jeju pics were out is very suspicious. Also the fact one and two days before Jeju pics release gd cane back to Korea too early looking very disturbed about something. More or less he recovered from that is now very healthy and happy than before. Jennie refuses to attend same chanel event as him if people notice. The rumor is that she does this because she can’t look gd in the eye after cheating on him. If this rumor is true her image in my eyes will truly be tarnished. No one is as bad as a cheater. And once a cheater will always be a cheater.


Dont worry she will also do that to v very soon when he enlist she will cheating with other man lol


8. [+37, -4] Be happy, please get married before he enlists
like in the next six months?☠️


Jennie, be happy

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