Netizens think that Jo Yuri is using Nate Pann

Jo Yuri’s phone shows she’s using Nate Pann

I bet she saw my hate posts

[+265, -21]

1. [+621, -30] Jo Yuri, are you seeing this? Your songs are so good

2. [+258, -23] She even has Instiz and DC Gallery, I bet she must visit those sites a lot..

3. [+231, -17] I thought it was edited, but I saw the comments and looks like it’s real.. I hope she didn’t read posts that might hurt her. DC has a lot of s*xual harassment posts ㅠ

4. [+78, -5] Yuri-ya, just look at positive things

5. [+47, -42] It’s proof that she has a strong mentalityㄷㄷ I bet she chuckles and thinks we’re pathetic every time she sees hate posts

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