Netizens think that Karina doesn’t suit blonde hair

Karina performed in the Philippines with blonde hair today

1. She’s so pretty, but her hair color doesn’t suit her

2. She’s pretty because she’s Karina, but I prefer black hair

3. It doesn’t suit her, it’s like a wig

4. Karina suits black hair better and Winter suits blonde hair better ㅠ

5. But she looks like Jeon Soyeon with blonde hair

6. I think she’s so pretty with blonde hair, but I’m surprised that all the comments are saying it’s not pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I think she would look prettier without bangs

8. I thought it was Jeon Soyeon because she has blonde hair

9. It’s pretty, but it looks like a wig

10. Maybe it’s because Karina has white skin, she doesn’t suit blonde, but she’s pretty in everything she does

11. Wow, she looks like a doll

12. As expected, girls with pretty faces are not affected by their hair color

13. It doesn’t suit her, I think she’s prettier with black hair

14. She’s pretty, but she’s prettier with black hair

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do they even truly coming back next month cause where are the teasers 👤

Color color stan

Lol sm and yg are the same, don’t believe it until you see it


RIP Karina’s hair. It’s a goner. That shade, the tacky extensions…her scalp is screaming, crying and throwing up as we speak. Their stylists are truly the worst.

They really need to change the teams in charge of their hair and outfits and I will keep saying this till they actually do. (Their makeup also used to be bad but they changed their MUA and it’s gotten better now.)

These girls deserve so much better than the sloppy styling they receive. Get on it, SM 👏


I might be more used to her black hair, but it’s not bad, BAD. Rina continues being pretty regardless 🥰

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She just needs a different shade of blonde


she definitely suits dark hair more

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