Netizens think that MAMA needs to change its name to BTS Awards

MAMA Daesang results for the past 8 years

1. It’s too bad that IU and BLACKPINK weren’t there

2. There have been no SM artists since 2018

3. They will finally share Daesang next year after BTS enlists

4. Why are so many people obsessed with BTS, they’re pathetic..ㅋ

5. BTS is overwhelming and looks like they’re the only singer who got Daesang without causing controversyㅋㅋㅋ

6. Everyone knows how hard BTS worked to get there

7. They need to change the name of that award ceremony to BTS Awards

8. BTS are living legends, this level is unmatched

9. What song did BTS release this year??

10. No controversy even after BTS swept Daesang for yearsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. Why is there no BLACKPINK?

12. Crazy, IU didn’t get anything from MAMA

13. Personally, I think it’s great to be able to witness the golden age of BTS when I was young

14. BTS is the icon of all time!

15. I’m curious about next year’s Daesang, I think it’ll be fun

16. BTS is the King of K-pop

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Lmao everyone so mad. BTS has sales, streams and voting power.


As much as I like bts, I do think kpop will get entertaining again when when they’re not such an overwhelming presence.


Yeah instead of the force directly stepping on everyone’s throats they’ll be the sword of damocles hanging over everyone until 2025. How very fun for you.

hello zzz

just prove what a flop those groups are & can’t compete with bts power, i hope next year the remaining bts members solos make y’all suffer; karma fights back

Last edited 5 months ago by hello zzz

Im sorry no other groups can match bts success and it not their fault that kpop stay there without improvement


nope, not until companies start prioritizing talent over visuals… a glossy mv and designer clothes can’t compete with developed artistry and good storytelling


Why isn’t the music entertaining you? Isn’t that what kpop is about?


yeah well then these groups will have actual competition among each other bc that’s all they can do.


BTS solo projects coming to haunt y’all’s dreams. You will never be free lol


bts success has nothing to do with other kpop groups.


well, what can we say, BTS are living legends ✨


Cmmt 4 giving out that pick me girl energy 😬


You feel called out?


I’m more over sm1 trying to invalidate ppl just bc they like smt popular.

Unless I’m reading the cmmnt wrong?


everyone IS obsessed with BTS.
what’s your point?


Calling BTS fans “pathetic” isn’t it? Is it not what the cmmt is saying?


no seems like the comment is calling out sarcastic jealous comments.after all we just see ten comments from the whole comment section in kside.there are too many haters under BTS articles

Last edited 5 months ago by roza

lmaooo i guess everyone is too young to remember what these awards looked like before bts? no one outside the big 3 were winning daesangs… i guess they paved the way again since ive won one this year


Pretty sure it’s written by kblinks

Lazy Banana

If they give another act the daesang besides BTS, bro that would make award shows look so much more scammy lmaooo. Like who would believe the group with the highest sales, highest streams, highest social media interactions, highest votes, biggest fandom, would lose to someone else? They’d be bashed for ages lmao


But tbh. They were not as impactful this year.


Change the name of the Daesang to Bangtesang, it will be a greater honor for those who win to receive it if it is called by that name. 


Don’t criticize BTS. You are making a fool of yourself😋

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