Netizens think that Sakura got plastic surgery, her face looks weird

Sakura’s shocking whereabouts

You won’t believe this but they are the same age idols

[+251, -186]

1. [+194, -33] Sakura fans are fangirling on a girl like that while bashing on Jang Wonyoung’s face?

2. [+129, -9] Sakura’s fans have been posting posts bashing on Jang Wonyoung for the past few days, rigging the upvotes, they’re crazy

3. [+119, -58] Wow, why is Sakura’s face like that?

4. [+106, -51] Is it because of plastic surgery?

5. [+96, -4] Jang Wonyoung is so much younger, prettier and she’s well behaved… They’re slowly becoming top female idols, while Sakura’s group gets into a school violence controversy ㅠㅠ

6. [+72, -5] After joining HYBE, she did her nose. That’s why she aged so fast

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They’re talking about Sakura’s fans but Wonyoung fans are exactly the same thing they’re complaining about. They’re always putting down other female idols just to make Wonyoung look better when she doesn’t need that. She shines on her own but some fans (especially the korean ones) don’t seem to get that. Just look at the comments here or the posts they always make comparing Wonyoung and other female idols when they go on MuBank. They’re a plague on pann.


It’s weird seeing Sakura, a former HKT member, and Asuka, a Nogi member, at the same event lol But anyways, I’ve always loved Nogi’s more elegant and sophisticated image and think Asuka represents it really well


Sorry. I didn’t mean to reply to you 😅


LMAO Wonyoung have a lot of antis in pann. The comparison is ridiculous when Sullyoon debuted Wonyoung was dragged in pann as hell and they were comparing her visuals, Wonyoung is always compared to be dragged at least inform

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The comment never said she doesn’t get dragged. She obviously has haters on pann like literally everyone but also a lot of fans who like to talk sh1t. That’s reality.


Literally what are you on about??? Let’s not lie here. Firstly, for an overwhelming part of Wonyoung’s career since she was on PD48 Sakura stans have been nothing but nasty toward her. A literal 13 year old girl. And even after Iz*One debuted they would flood the comment sections with phrase’s like “Idk there’s just something about Sakura that draws my eyes to her!” And “I can only see Sakura teehee” like it wasn’t blatantly obvious their passive aggressiveness toward Wonyoung. There was also many YouTube videos made dragging Wonyoung as the center and saying why it should have been Sakura instead. They even spread the lies that Sakura was rigged from winning 1st place even though there was absolutely no evidence. They also bombed Wonyoung’s videos with downvotes.

And you would think Wonyoung fans would have retaliated, but for the most part, Wonyoung fans have always been very quiet even though Wonyoung has so many damn antis that make even the slightest thing she does into a problem. And yet still, Wonyoung fans have been downright angelic in comparison to the shit Sakura fans have done to Wonyoung. If anything, Sakura fans are lucky that Wonyoung stans haven’t bothered to dish it back right out to her.

Of course, a few probably have, and if they did, I honestly wouldn’t blame them after how they treated Wonyoung.

But as for other girl group members, I’ve never noticed any real Wonyoung fans dragging other girl group members. You need to realize that not every person who praises Wonyoung and outs down another girl is a fan of Wonyoung. Now that Wonyoung has become so much more popular many people might just find her better than others and may not say so nowhere as kindly.

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No one cares enough to read all that sh1t i’m telling you 😭 LMAO

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she should stop messing with her nose. imo she looked best in her produce 48 days


Garam being mentioned in a post where a bunch of ugly people bully Sakura is so funny to me…I just know they were the same ones pretending to be outraged about rumors of Garam making fun of Sakura’s plastic surgery. Now they’re targeting her, because Lesserafim will never be free of these insecure weirdos.

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Woah the girl in the first picture is so pretty

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