Netizens think that SM’s Chinese dream and Chinese members will disappear after HYBE takes over SM

In the future, SM’s Chinese dream, Chinese member may disappear

Producer Lee Soo Man’s will towards China also created negative publicity in SM. This producer has been bringing Chinese members into the artist team for a long time with the aim of targeting the Chinese market

However, the Chinese members of groups like Super Junior and EXO keep causing trouble. SM raised questions about the debut of Chinese members, but this opinion was quashed by producer Lee Soo Man

With HYBE not interested in the Chinese market and Lee Soo Man leaving SM, it seems that the Chinese members will not be selected anymore

The fact that HYBE’s global auditions are held in countries such as Korea, Japan, the US and Europe, but not in China

1. I’m a fan of SM, so I really like it. I hate Chinese idolsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Seriously, I hate both China and Japan, but for idols, the Japanese are much better than the Chinese

3. I really hate the Chinese members so much

4. The amount of money earned in Japan is huge so it’s hard to ignore the Japanese members

5. Let’s give up the Chinese dream

6. Since Bang Si Hyuk likes Japan, it seems like he can’t lose the Japanese members

7. This is good, I really don’t understand Lee Soo Man’s love for Chinese people

8. Just looking at BTS, they see that a group with all Korean members can be successful, but I don’t understand why they insist on adding foreign members

9. Come to think of it, are there any Chinese members in the 4th generation?

10. Chinese Dream VS Japanese Dream

11. If you look at NewJeans, you can succeed even without Chinese or Japanese members

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I feel like this could go either way… Hybe could see this as a chance to capitalize on the Chinese market or not focus on China at all like SM have been doing


Yeah no lmao…. Hybe definitely took notice of Yeonjun’s cbar buying 380k albums, they are absolutely going to capitalize on that in any way they can. Companies don’t care about anything but money.


Bts cbars have also been buying much more albums but hybe still didn’t do shit so nahh.. stop talking about sht you don’t know about yall sound stupid 😭 like yeah hybe care about money and all but this is a different story


You literally just proved Knetz point.

Yeonjun is a Korean, and there are no Chinese members in his group (TXT), yet they were still able to do well in China without catering to the Chinese market. Similarly, groups like BTS, Blackpink, IVE, and New Jeans prove you don’t actually need Chinese members to succeed in China. So why would HYBE or any other company go through the trouble of adding Chinese members and then have to deal with the unnecessary Chinese politics that always result in one scandal or another, and members gaining popularity and trying to leave?

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Why do they think it will clear any dream🙃
These companies only care about money at the end of the day and it’s doesn’t matter if it’s coming from Korea or Japan or China or any where else in the world. Koreans need to work up on their xenophobia a lot. Even Asians. Like work up on that. The reason why we are still stuck on on success is because most of us are still stuck on our past. The past should always be seen as a lesson on what could happen but instead of learning from it. We keep them inside in form of revenge which eventually makes us do the similar things we faced. And the cycle continues. Idk when we as a humans will learn it. Our success is not coming to is cause of this guilt which is past and we are learning nothing from it but making it repeat every single moment.

spicy spice

4. The amount of money earned in Japan is huge so it’s hard to ignore the Japanese members

kpop idols tried so hard to get into japanese market, even kpop’s big groups still releasing japan versions of their korean songs and releases exclusive contents for japan fans, nor how companies can’t resist huge amount of money from chinese fanbases that bulk buying their albums. bc business is about money.


K-pop idol without any china bulk purchase



Lazy Banana

It’d be stupid not to pursue the Japanese market when it’s the 2nd largest after the US so that’s a given.

However, for China who knows what Hybe will do. They might think China is more trouble than its worth. They always have issues about anything and they have a sorta ban on idol groups, even domestic ones. And even if companies don’t promote there, they still get sales so…


How is chinese fandom a strong part of hybe fandoms and they still pay them dust lmao


I don’t know what they will decide, but wasn’t there a law in China that banned or restricted Korean artists? On the other hand, in Japan Hybe idols are doing very well. 


Knets are top tier clowns


Hybe’s second largest shareholder is Netmarble, and Netmarble’s third biggest shareholder is none other than Tencent


To be fair I think tencent is a shareholder in every gaming company


17’s Chinese members are doing fine after HYBE brought Pledis….

btw I would think HYBE might utilise what SM already built in CN market, rather than tossing it away. Because, why not

+ having a CN member doesn’t guarantee any success at all. Pentagon, gugudan, CLC all have CN member. Where are them now?

It is what it is

So many wrong things here. First of all, while SM was the first agency to have chinese idols, it’s not the only one. Seventeen has 2 chinese members, they’re now in Hybe and they won’t leave the company soon, hence this whole issue is none-sense
I don’t particularly care about politics but you can’t just bash on people because of their nationality, while Kris turned out be trash, SM treated unfairly Han and he had all the reason to leave SuJu.
That said, can’t you see the amount of money groups bring from China? Big groups like Exo, BTS, BlackPink, Aespa, Stray Kids and TXT gets the most album sales from their member’s bar. In comparison only TVXQ, KARA, Twice, SVT and BTS are successful in Japan but they don’t buy as many albums as China fans do.

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