Netizens think that V and Jungkook is the most legendary combination in idol history

BTS Nick Judy – V Jungkook

There are a lot of people who choose this from Dynamite as the legendary Nick Judy

They’re on the music show this time

And the Inkigayo fancam thumbnails have just been revealed

1. V Jungkook, please debut as a unit

2. This combination is the best

3. Seriously, am I the only one who thinks the combination of the two of them is crazy? Please give me a unit

4. HYBE, if you want your stock price to go up, please debut this unit

5. I dare say this is the best combination ever created by idols ㅠㅠ

6. It’s a combination that only appears once in a thousand years

7. The combination of visuals and vocals is no joke, I bet they’ll dominate the charts in Korea and overseas!!!!

8. I think it’s the most legendary combination in idol history

9. That seems to be the best combination ever

10. On stage, the two of them are the most handsome and the best among idols

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