Netizens want Jungkook to hold his solo concert soon

Will Jungkook hold his solo concert?

Jungkook loves the stage and loves performing on stage, of course he’s going to hold his solo concert, right? I hope that day will come soon

Jungkook!! I’m waiting for your solo concert

[+197, -29]

1. [+74, -4] Of course, I’m looking forward to it and I believe he will hold his solo concert soon

2. [+69, -5] Jungkook loves stage so much that if he releases his solo album, of course he will hold his solo concert.. And on Weverse Magazine, he said that he wants to be a singer who can fill full of a concert lasting 2-3 hours

3. [+67, -5] It’s great and happy to imagine Jungkook’s solo concert. How good can he be?

4. [+65, -5] Of course

5. [+62, -4] I wish he did it soon, I miss Jungkook’s stage so much

6. [+39, -2] Of course, Jungkook is the only idol who sings various genres for an hour and a half on Weverse Live and has 16 million views. If he doesn’t hold a solo concert, who will

7. [+27, -1] I want to see his solo concert soon

8. [+26, -1] Of course

9. [+23, -1] Jeon Jungkook

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