Netizens want Jungkook to hold his solo concert soon

Will Jungkook hold his solo concert?

Jungkook loves the stage and loves performing on stage, of course he’s going to hold his solo concert, right? I hope that day will come soon

Jungkook!! I’m waiting for your solo concert

[+197, -29]

1. [+74, -4] Of course, I’m looking forward to it and I believe he will hold his solo concert soon

2. [+69, -5] Jungkook loves stage so much that if he releases his solo album, of course he will hold his solo concert.. And on Weverse Magazine, he said that he wants to be a singer who can fill full of a concert lasting 2-3 hours

3. [+67, -5] It’s great and happy to imagine Jungkook’s solo concert. How good can he be?

4. [+65, -5] Of course

5. [+62, -4] I wish he did it soon, I miss Jungkook’s stage so much

6. [+39, -2] Of course, Jungkook is the only idol who sings various genres for an hour and a half on Weverse Live and has 16 million views. If he doesn’t hold a solo concert, who will

7. [+27, -1] I want to see his solo concert soon

8. [+26, -1] Of course

9. [+23, -1] Jeon Jungkook

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It seem like jungkook may enlisting when he is 30. I feel like he chilling this year because he waiting all other members finished off their solo activities n then enlisting. So, next year probably the year he started to fully promoting as soloist. He may have tour as well n maybe even bigger scale than suga tour.

It is what it is

I think the same. Probably Suga tour was to taste waters and probably will add or change venues as they see demand.
As for JK i think lots of people want to see him perform seeing how he’s always singing in his lives. And since he’s the youngest he’s in not rush to enlist


JK himself said he want to have own solo concert. Maknae line most popular members. There is no way hybe not gonna do tour if maknae line want to do it. Its just scream money.


Nah, I think he and the rest of the maknae line are still enlisting before they’re 30. They want to regroup by 2025 and there’s no way they’d be incomplete again soon after so maknae line can enter the military. Joon has already confirmed this. I’m sure a tour is coming after 2025 comeback so no way JK is gonna go to the military after.


His solos stan are weird. They got angry at Suga for having a tour first lol. He should make a solo debut first.


Where? His stans are more concerned about the lack of activities and they KNOW he needs to release solo album first in order to hold a tour. He can’t perform with only 6 songs, he’s not blackpink.


Twitter, of course. The keyword is SOLO STAN, not army one. They called Suga (and rapline) having a privilege because he can release a mixtape and write/produce a song. Stupid af. Why do you feel attacked unless you’re his solo stan? Lol


And what’s wrong with being his solo stan? I don’t hate on other members. Suga can go on tour because he has enough materials. And how do you know about his choices and what goes on in that company?


Solo stan are the worst. Stay away from the fandom. Funny how solo stan are the ones who are acting like they know what goes on in that company. They always screamed that their fav got mistreated, acting like they knew what their fav actually wanted.


Armys act like they are better than others lol at least solo stans actually stan their bias, not like armys who worship the company.


Armys r bts fans lmaooooo y’all r the last ppl who should speak on anything bts related, including JK, and think you have a say in this fandom,,,,,,,,sorry but nobody likes y’all not us and certainly not JK/the members. Y’all need to go and 🎲🎲🎲


Solo stans are antis of the other members. You always complain about how we do not support the members and say how you do it all without us, but at the same time you all go around demanding us to do everything that you want. Armys are better than you solo stans and always will be.


where? army hate hybe


Many solo stans say that, but they always end up shading and bashing the other members. You say one thing but do the exact opposite. There has been no exceptions to that.


The lack of activities is because of his choice lol. Jimin can meet many producers, which means he can too. He’s just relaxing, and his solo makes him look like he’s been mistreated.


Your delusional. Most fans are waiting for his projects.
we complain about how BH is giving him the silent treatment after WC. Just recently his video making of Dreamers was released, almost 2 months after.
Just because you see a couple if bitter fans, doesn’t mean it’s jks


Solo stan is giving an excuse and calling people delusional.

WhatsThe Point

Dreamers episode was released just like other episodes. Bangtan episodes are always released like 2-3 months after the event, nothing new


Right solos r acting like this is the first time a bangtan ep/bomb is released late on purpose just to “get back at JK” πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’€ when this is how it’s always has been they release the behind the scenes stuff 2-4 months later and even more than half a year later yet they insist on saying that JK or the other members r mistreated and r oppressed like they r seriously unhinged,,,,,,


HYBE didn’t even release the episode of Taehyung being the MC for SBS Gayo Daechukje before so Jungkook solo stans can shove it up their ass.


and JK HIMSELF said in his last weverse lives that he is just chilling, resting and enjoying his life/free time right now😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🫡🫡 HE WILL NEVER BE THE OPPRESSED AND MISTREATED HELPLESS BOY YALL SOLO FREAKS WANT HIM TO BE AND FOR THAT I SMILE😁

Handsome Hyunjin

He is busy helping his girlfriend build Buddha statues πŸ˜‚


You hope that he’s dating and his fans will leave him, right? Keep dreaming, bitch. It ain’t going to happen. Maybe only 0.00000001% will leave lol


I think I understand why you are so jealous of jungkook’s success. For not being a bully and a flop like your idol 🀣


It’s honestly not an impossible idea for jk to have a solo concert now seeing that Yoongi is doing one. I’ll be anticipating all of them doing solo concerts now and hopefully 1/7 does come to my area instead of doing 4 dates in cali πŸ˜­πŸ’€


He’s donating all his money to his mother-in-laws temple such a good husband #nosekookyebiforeverπŸ’Ÿ

Fuck you

Worry about your slut pink first. They lost their record even after sleeping with the spotify guy.


Worry about slvthyung being passed around the industry and still fl0ping

Fuck you

Flopping? Lol. His magazine outsold your fav entire career. Yeontan is more relevant than them. His solo albums are going to outsell your fav best-selling album. Slut pink, especially flat-assed Jennie, is not going to survive after those men are tired of their stinky pussies.


Isn’t it weird how your boy slvthyung only hangs around rich men twice his age? And all his projects are related to them?

Fuck you

Rich men? You mean actor? Lol. Tae is richer than them. He doesnt need them. While your slutpink is going to hotel with spotify guy and grab a man’s crotch


At least he only hangs out with them, Miss Jennifer actually kisses married men and grinds on them LMFAO


Hanging out?? Jen is not the one who always complains that his butt hurts. Lol


You have no evidence of that but boy oh boy we got pictures and videos of Miss Jennifer grinding on men 🀣




Get a job.

It is what it is

It’s jeon Jungkook, if there’s someone in BTS that may hold a solo concert it’s him
He already showed us his powerful performance at WC stadium. He’s already great by himself.
Looking forward to the tickets

Fuck you

So what is he going to sing for 3 hours? Your other fav group’s song while doing the random play dance?


All of the guys r capable of holding concerts on their own πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ just waiting for that to happen we have yoongi for now and the rest aren’t far behind. if they wanna do it they’ll hold solo concerts so let’s be patient


Solo stans are insanely delusional


He needs to release his album so that he has enough songs to hold a proper concert. After that I think he could do it.


I just hope his solo debut will be with proper promotions and ofc we want a solo tour too


He will, for the time being, let him do whatever he wants and enjoy life as much as he wants. 

White cat

He enjoying his free time.even postponing his album preparation. He will do it when he feel his ready. Hobi have show that bighit let them decide what kind of promotion they want. So we just need to be patience.


he called himself lazy and unable to commit to stuff in the break the silence docu. looks like it hasn’t changed

while he had bts he could just follow their rhythm and use it to motivate his own, now that’s gone he’s aimless and nothing is there to make him even want anything else. i don’t see anything coming from him any time soon tbh


He’s going to break to many records once he’s release his album πŸ‘‘ I can’t wait


I can already hear Lisa solos getting mad from a mile away cause their girlie’s records are about to be broken 🀣


I’d love to see a solo concert tour from him too, but I just want him to be happy and free to do whatever activity he wants.

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