Netizens were shocked when they saw Lisa and Park Bo Gum going to Bruno Mars’ concert together

Who was the man with Lisa going to Bruno Mars’ concert?

[+35, -5]

1. [+93, -1] Hul………… I was shocked that Lisa went to the concert with Park Bo Gum + I was even more shocked that Lisa had a boyfriend + I was even more shocked that she knew this many people……

2. [+52, -4] BLACKPINK is friends with everyone, seriously awesome;;;;

3. [+51, -0] Hul… Lisa has a boyfriend? Am I the only one who didn’t know? Why are people so quiet about this?

4. [+45, -6] I don’t think there’s anything between them. If they were dating, I don’t think they would go together like that. Just look at V and Jennie

5. [+19, -3] They are not in the same agencyㅋㅋㅋ The two of them are Celine’s ambassadors, so they seem close

6. [+12, -3] Hul? Does anyone know that Lisa has a boyfriend? Why are there so many strange comments?

7. [+12, -4] Next to Lisa is Park Bo Gum~ They seem to have become close since they are Celine’s ambassadors

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