Netizens were surprised after seeing Choi Siwon and Leeteuk taking picture with the NewJeans members

Choi Siwon and Leeteuk took picture with the NewJeans members

1. Why does Leeteuk look so skinny?

2. Why are Siwon and Leeteuk like CEO and right-hand man?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Choi Siwon looks like a politician or successful businessman

4. Wow, of course both groups are promoting, but it’s great to see them together

5. Haerin is so pretty

6. NewJeans are seriously power celebrities

7. Super Junior manages their bodies well

8. Wow, Super Junior’s active time is older than Hyein’s age

9. Wow the kids look like fairies

10. Haerin looks so pretty with that hair

11. No, who thinks Leeteuk is in his 40s?

12. Wow seriously, the NewJeans members look like dolls

13. Why?? This combination is refreshing

14. Danielle is just a doll..?

15. Choi Siwon looks like the director of the awards ceremony

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Ew can super junior disband already




many people hate them


For good reasons.


comment image




They’re minors. I feel uneasy seeing this…


Get these creeps away from the girls


these creeps should not be allowed around anyone under 25


Keep them away from leeteuk creep

lee sooman

well they’re min heejin’s group and they’ve known min heejin for so long so I’m not surprised with this combo

Last edited 1 month ago by lee sooman

I hope they stay away from Heechul


Be careful of leeteuk kids


These knet comments… There is nothing cute or refreshing about these old ass men taking a fan pic with children.


In case yall wondering why ppl call Leeteuk a creep, that’s because:

1. He asked Krystal of f(x) to marry him… When she was just 11 years old and he was 23. What’s more disgusting is he told someone that he did just that and that he kissed her ugh.

2. He also asked Yoona of SNSD to marry him… When she was 13 years old. This I believe was mentioned in a show where it’s so disgusting cause the MCs were saying she, a mere child, must have done something to encourage his behavior. Eww.

3. He grabbed and hugged Sooyoung of SNSD without permission when she was only 11. He apologized for this so he knows it’s weird af to just grab and hug a child.

4. He also tried to slide into the dms of a new, 15 years younger female idol, Yeonwoo of MOMOLAND. But he was dumb and sent the message to a fanpage and got exposed *sigh.

TL;DR: Keep kids away from this man.


My goodness…Leeteuk?? The same man who hit on Yoona when she was 14 and Krystal when she was 15 while he was in his mid-20’s??? Get that pedo away from New Jeans

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