Netizens were surprised when LE SSERAFIM answered the question ‘Who is the most popular Japanese in Korea?’

MC: Who is the most popular Japanese in Korea? (LE SSERAFIM)

Miyawaki Sakura

1. That’s the sense of humor that idols want in the entertainment industry. Yunjin is so good

2. I don’t think there are any Japanese celebrities that are really popular in Korea, Korea has no interest in Japan

3. All ages like Taku Kimura??

4. Huh Yunjin is so funny ㅋ I can’t stop laughingㅋㅋ

5. Am I the only one thinking of Kangnam?

6. When it comes to Japanese celebrities, it’s Takuya Kimura, right?

7. Of course, there are people who are more popular than Sakura, but isn’t the point that they answer properly?

8. Seriously, Yunjin is so funny

9. But honestly, Sakura’s popularity in Korea is so high

10. In fact, a Japanese YouTuber did such a survey in Korea, but Sakura’s ranking is the highest or the next highest

11. Her expression is so cute when she says Sakura

12. Maybe it’s Takuya Kimura among Japanese celebrities

13. I thought of Abe, but she answered well

14. Sakura is so popular in Korea

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comment 13 😭


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Yunjin already looks like she’s 40




Properly wouldn’t it be twice japanese members. Like Sana…


I forgot Sana existed until just now.. Maybe it’s because Twice have so many members and JYPE isn’t really promoting Sana and Mina and Momo as they should be? Instead promoting the boy group in their company.


Well its Korea written over there I forgot to see it. I thought they said worldwide. Cause it’s obviously Misamo.


Also Koreans see Sana as Korean many times and forget that she is japanese so…but well i forgot this area was infested with hybe followers who see everything as hate.


You not knowing her existence /=/ Koreans knowing her existence
Sana is super famous in Korea. Her solo photo album plus recent digipacks got sold out in Korean stores like hot cake. She is the only foreigner to ever top the individual brand value rank multiple times. And even now no other foreigner has done it. Even without promotion recent survey for japanese artist showed Sana topping the results of being the most popular one in Japan. In recent survey in gp platform not kpop Koreans chose top 5 idols they want to see as leads in romcom dramas. And Sana was the only foreigner and female idol they chose and she was in 3rd position.
So don’t try to underestimate her value when you know nothing about her. You ppl are just a new fandom of new ggp. No hate to lsfm. They said what they said. And we are not hating on them for saying this as it could be awkward to mention other idol name while promoting yourself. But this is the reality. Sana is actually the most famous Japanese artist in Korea even now.


Wow just because your feed doesn’t give you Sana doesn’t mean she is not impactful. She is the most impactful japanese out there. Sakura is just lucky she went under BTS company. BTS are are plain reason why she is even know in Korea. This group is just plain rude and seems like the fans are too.


Yunjin is fucking cute ❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Define cute again. Being dvmb is not equal to being cute.


Yunjin is so funny


She is rude…


Sana is the most popular one. She is the only foreigner k-pop idol to top the individual brand value index multiple times. Not to mention her digipacks got sold out in a day in Korean stores despite of her being japanese.
They maybe kidding here cause mentioning other idol name can be little risky but the facts is that Sana is the most popular one. Even majority of non k-pop listener Korean knows her name cause of her shy shy shy impact.


Seems like their are so many haters of Sana over here. But these 4th gens should know that 3rd gen idols impact is still big around here. Just because they can’t see it doesn’t mean it does not exist. Truth hurts. And i was not even hating on these girls still…


Pretty sure one day they will also try to reduce BTS impact the way they are moving.


I mean this group also has Kazuha… Yunjin is just dumb and rude.


After Messi thing this should be obvious she is not the brightest light in the bulb. I mean k-pop stans will even defend fvcking spoons if those spoons are k-pop idols.
She really need to see what she is speaking cause one day something may get backfired against her.


Messi was jokingly dragged all over twitter, what she said wasn’t that different. Who knows? Maybe she’s an Mbappe fan. I need yall to shut up and let that go


they’re so boring…


Exactly…like performance is good but this group seems pretty boring.


As a representative for all Korean & Japanese, the most famous Japanese in Korea (Both North & South) is Steve Aoki.


why so much hate for sana? those who think sana is not impactful must be living under a rock or something. or they dont have a good phone to keep themself updated

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