Netizens wonder if BTS Jungkook was watching BLACKPINK’s performance after seeing him at Coachella

BTS Jungkook at Coachella in real time

1. The picture below looks like a posterㅋㅋㅋ

2. Why does he look so pretty? His hair is so cute

3. He really looks like Shim Hyung Tak’s wife in the last picture, he’s so cute

4. Was he watching BLACKPINK’s stage??

5. Our Jungkook is so cute ㅠㅠ

6. Hul, did he go to see BLACKPINK’s performance?

-> Coachella is not BLACKPINK’s solo concertㅋㅋㅋ

7. People are saying on Twitter that he was watching BLACKPINK’s stage

8. It’s not BLACKPINK’s stage, it’s another stage

9. I’m so jealous of the people around him

10. I hope he will debut as a solo artist and perform there next year

11. Why does he look like a baby?

12. The picture below is so pretty

13. What’s wrong with him watching BLACKPINK’s performance?

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It is clearly seen that Jk went to see Kid Laroi’s performance. 🥱

Color color stan

Lol blonks act like they hate bts but their big fanbases keep tweeting bts is watching blackpink but he’s in sahara stage for kid laroi 😂


Again and again. Blonk are desperate for bts especially jungkook validation lol. Both of their korean and international fandom lol. At the end, those girl will end up married an old rich man..they need those money in future. It already happened with roselazy girl..shes already with that old actor guy lol


old rich man = taehyung


The way their fandom big acc are excited and posting abt jungkook faster than army acc. Thats what happened when you stan bts more than your girlies lol


They made army who didn’t want to expose his location at first, exposed him to clear the misunderstanding.. shameless blonks


Did yall see los angeles times talking abt jk in bp coachella article and make a lie abt jk..even media are desperate to link bts to those dozen. They know they need to use bts to hype those dozen lol


everyone needs bts’ validation at the end of the day


That reporter was so stupid. Wonder if he gets paid to put that into the article.

Color color stan

The need for bts validation is real 😂

Ladyboy lisa

They want clout so bad 🤣


the bts validation goes crazy 😭 jungkook was there to watch kid laroi, he was literally caught on the youtube stream as well

dot com bubble

13. What’s wrong with him watching BLACKPINK’s performance?

We’re just concerned for his ears

WhatsThe Point

The same acc pinksviral that spent days tweeting hate against jk was drooling for his validation lol.
That made is 80% leftovers nad bitter stans with shippers.

WhatsThe Point

No there was this show or something where that actor’s wife looks like him, nose and eyes resemble him a lot. So they’re refering to that

Truth speaker

Ive actually seen lot of accounts on twt that literally addresses him as a woman. Like I haven’t even seen that much fetish acc for others, even jimin and V, who to outsiders look more feminine.

Truth speaker

If he’s gay that’s fine, but if he’s baiting for his fans that’s very wrong


he doesn’t care about them I’m afraid 😭 my man was passing by the main stage on his way to the sahara stage, stopped for 30 seconds to take a picture with a fan and yall blinks (who supposedly hate jk and bts, by the way) started making whole wattpad stories out of it.. it’s embarrassing


My faves, their family and my twink blinks compete for the biggest BTS leech


Ofc there’s nothing wrong IF he watched BP. But, the blonk who spread the hoax already busted for her lies. Jungkook watched Kid Laroi at Sahara Stage, whereas BP at the same time performed on a other stage (some army said BP performance was a lil late).

Blonk really have the guts to want clout from BTS after they dragged Jimin and ARMY for their girl “dr*gs” rumour.


I watched the live streams, he was at the Sahara stage only to watch the Kid Laroi


lol there are videos and photos how your fav was on BP’s stage, stop being so blind, your oppa anyway will end up with a celebrity woman who’s older than him, you have no chances


Yes he’s there BEFORE blackpink’s stage, just accept the truth brooo, Coachella is not only about your talentless girls


yall think those girls are that important lmao

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