Netizens wonder if it’s a children’s song after watching NMIXX ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ MV

NMIXX “Young, Dumb, Stupid” M/V (pre-released song)

Comeback on March 20

1. It’s refreshing, the music video is so good

2. Are they Adidas models??

3. Wow, the song is so vibrant and good?? I’m looking forward to the title song

4. That’s the thought that always pops into my head every time I watch NMIXX’s music video, I can’t feel the chemistry between the members

5. I’m glad it’s not the title song, it’s too simple

6. Jiwoo’s part is my favorite part

7. I wonder what kind of song that was sampled (?), but it’s a song for children

8. So cute, I love this concept

9. I’m curious about who the music video director is, the music video is so good

10. The chorus sounds a bit like a children’s song

11. Wow, it reminds me of Red Velvet’s song

12. The MV is good, but the song is… is it a children’s song??

13. It’s a b-side song, but the quality is good

14. Looks like JYP spent a lot of money on NMIXX, but I hope they promote NMIXX properly

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